USAID/Egypt Supervisory General Services Officer

Position Title: Supervisory General Services Officer (USAID/Egypt Executive Office)
Position number: 06 – 2013
Type of Employment: Resident Hire US Personal Services Contract – Full time [40 hours per week, one PSN] 
Effective: Immediately
Expected Duration: One year - Renewable
Salary Potential: GS-13
Application Deadline: December 26, 2013
  1. Candidate must be US citizen. 
  2. Preference will be given to Eligible Family Members [EFMs] of US employees assigned to Cairo.  Other Americans resident in Egypt may be considered in the event no suitably qualified EFM candidates apply.
  3. Candidate should be able to complete the contract term before leaving post, and must retain his/her EFM status for the full term of the contract if s/he is an EFM.
  4. Applicant must have the required work and/or residency permits allowing work in Egypt before being able to apply.
  5. A candidate who is otherwise qualified, but does not meet full requirements of the position, may be appointed as a trainee and be required to serve at a lower grade level for the period of one year.
  6. The policy of USAID/Egypt prohibits discrimination based on, among other factors, gender, disability, religion or race in matters pertaining to admission, access, treatment, or employment in all Agency programs and activities. This policy complies with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), the USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR), Sections 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and their implementing regulations.
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The USAID Executive Office requires the services of one US citizen effective immediately to fill the position of Supervisory General Services Officer. Working hours are 40 hours per week. Please note that priority consideration will be given to US citizen Eligible Family Members (EFMs). If applicant is an eligible family member, please submit a cover letter along with the application containing:
  1. The name and Agency of Sponsor
  2. Post departure date
  3. A brief summation point by point for each item in the announcement detailing how they have performed the same or similar duties in their prior work experience
As Supervisory General Services Officer, the Contractor serves as a key member of the USAID/EXO management team, with responsibility for assisting the Supervisory Executive Officer (S/EXO) with directing all phases of General Services Office (GSO) operations, Communications and Records and the USAID Motor Pool, and oversees the effective delivery of the full range of general services for USAID/Egypt staff, including office property management, health/safety/security programs, and motor vehicle operations.  The S/GSO directly supervises three unit managers with an overall workforce of approximately 10 Foreign Service Nationals and may provide day-to-day guidance to three other unit managers and their staff.  The S/GSO will also oversee the activities of one major support contractor (for general office maintenance support and limited activities at the USAID warehouse) and of several smaller support contractors (for operation of the cafeteria, and various on-call or periodic technical services, such as maintenance and repair of mission elevators, maintenance of security systems, etc.) with up to 40 additional staff members.  S/he is responsible for managing logistical and administrative support to tenant agencies at the USAID/Egypt office building as the agency is an Alternate Service Provider, and will be responsible for coordination of housing and related services for incoming personnel (e.g. sponsor coordination, airport transfers,, lease transfer documentation and payments) and will be the principal liaison with ICASS service providers at the Embassy such as GSO/Housing, GSO/TSC, GSO/SPM and GSO/FAC.
S/he exercises overall supervisory responsibility for three of the Executive Office’s six divisions and staff units:
  • The General Services Office maintains the 10,000 square meter USAID New Office Building located in New Maadi, manages expendable and non-expendable office property, follows up with all building related customer concerns and liaisons with Embassy departments as needed in particular GSO/Housing, GSO/TSC, GSO/SPM and GSO/FAC, and oversees the office maintenance support contract.
  • USAID Motor Pool Office supports mission and personnel transportation needs throughout the country with a fleet of more than 30 vehicles and staff of 6.  The Office is co-located with the ICASS motorpool, and the GSO serves as the coordinator in the mission for ICASS motorpool relations.
  • The Communications & Records Division (Business Center) distributes and transmits mail, fax, and cable correspondence; provides messenger and reproduction services; handles building telephone operators, shares expendable supply management responsibilities, maintains a satellite APO, and oversees records management and disposition.
The SGSO may provide work guidance to staff from Human Resources, Data Management Services and the Purchasing Units.
Bulleted duties listed in each major category below are by no means exhaustive but are representative of the range of duties and responsibilities. 
A. General Management (50%):  Develops and implements policies, procedures and systems for all GSO units, designed to deliver high quality services to internal and external customers with maximum efficiency, equity and economy.  Conducts on-site inspections of GSO service delivery.  Provides training and professional development opportunities for the GSO staff. Analyzes budgetary requirements for OE-funded equipment, furniture, services and supplies; coordinates the review of obligations and expenditures of funds with the Office of Financial Management, and develops GSO-related budget and workforce projections for the Mission’s budget submission.  Represents USAID on interagency committees, as required, such as the Housing Board, ICASS working groups, American Employees Cooperative and Welfare Association (AECWA), POSHO committee and ad hoc committees.  Also includes:
  • Real Property Management:  At USAID’s 10,000 square meter office facility, s/he will oversee office space utilization and space planning.  Provides for all office utilities and employs energy conservation and alternative energy solutions to reduce utilities costs.  Manages major building systems, including heating, ventilation, refrigeration, air handling, plumbing and electrical controls and supervises COTR responsible for maintenance schedules and contractor activities.  Directs residential housing assignments in conjunction with the Embassy/Housing office and ensures effective lease administration and reporting, and provides for residential utilities.
  • Personal Property Management:  Manages and directs the receipt, accountability, movement and disposal of over 30,000 items of non-expendable office equipment and furniture, and all expendable personal property.  Maintains effective internal controls; devises procedural safeguards to promote integrity and equity in the distribution, maintenance, utilization and disposal of Mission property; and ensures that reporting requirements are met.  Serves as Property Disposal Officer for all Mission disposal actions.  Coordinates annual property reconciliation/inventory control activities.
  • Administrative Procurement: Provides work guidance to the procurement team regarding all administrative procurements for expendable supplies, vehicles, and building supplies and systems.  Reviews and provides administrative approvals for all vouchers related to administrative procurement.  Coordinates with EXO teams and mission project teams to develop annual procurement plans.
  • Customs and Shipping:  Supervises the provision of customs and shipping clearance documentation to local ministries on behalf of USAID contractors, grantees and NGOs and their employees.
  • Safety and Health:  Administers the Mission’s safety, health and security program in both work and home environments.  Monitors the integrated pest management program at the USAID building to ensure that pesticide use is in strict compliance with industry standards and with USG, USAID and Mission policy.  Administers safety programs for the Mission and coordinates with the Post Operations, Safety and Health Officer to ensure compliance with regulations for occupational and residential safety
  • Security:  Cooperates with the Regional Security Office (RSO) and the USAID/Washington Office of Security to maintain compliance with appropriate physical security standards for the Mission. GSO is primary USAID Mission liaison with the RSO on physical security issues. Coordinates with the RSO in the development and implementation of emergency reaction plans.  Oversees the implementation of the Mission Warden Emergency Notification System and the office floor warden system.  Coordinates with the RSO on implementation of requirements for fire, bomb, and terrorist drills on a recurring basis. Works closely with SEC office in Washington DC to continually improve security enhancements for the building, including all related infrastructure projects. Coordinates with the embassy facilities engineers to ensure that maintenance is provided to the doors, cameras, gates, and systems supporting building security.  Maintains record of maintenance and replacement of security related equipment and systems at USAID facility. Assists the USAID Unit Security Officer (USO) in operation of daily physical security services for the USAID Mission. Provides USAID USO with information for routine reports or correspondence pertaining to all activities conducted by or under the direction of the RSO dealing with the USAID Mission’s physical, technical, or procedural security matters.
  • Works closely with SEC office in DC to continually improve security enhancements for the building, including all related infrastructure projects.  Coordinates with the embassy facilities engineers to ensure that maintenance is provided to the doors, camera, gates, and systems supporting building security.  
B. Motor Vehicle Operations(15%):  Provides overall administration of the Mission’s vehicle fleet and vehicle maintenance program.  Plans the acquisition of motor vehicle replacement units and spare parts, and for armoring when required.  Develops and maintains a standardized program for vehicles.  Administers the Mission shuttle program for office-to-embassy transportation, mail service, and the front office drivers.  Monitors compliance with mission policies on personal use of official vehicles, and the administration of billing systems for such use.  Monitors the Mission’s Vehicle Safety Program.  Works closely with the RSO to ensure motorpool security protocols are adhered to.
C. Communication and Records (15%): Manages the Business Center activities which includes project and vital records management, expendable supply inventory and distribution, provision of mail (local and USPS) and APO services, switchboard and phone operators, Emergency and Evacuation radio inventory and distribution, and official cell phone inventory and distribution. Manages the increased usage of Documentum/Agency Secure Image and Storage Tracking (ASIST) systems mission wide.  This will  include organizing training for staff, and developing systems and best practices for ensuring the systems are used.
D. ICASS and Other Interagency Services (20%):  Reviews opportunities to offer GSO-related services to other USG agencies and to other USAID organizations through ICASS; coordinates provision of such services where approved.  Monitors ICASS billings to ensure that appropriate charges are made to recipients of services rendered under such agreements.  Assists with the development of ICASS service standards. 
  1. Education [20%]:  A 4 year university degree or equivalent work experience (minimum six years) is required; an advanced academic degree is highly desirable.  Formal training in areas of procurement, contracting, property management and general administration are highly desirable. 
  2. Prior Work Experience [40%]:  At least six (6) years progressively responsible experience in performing and supervising management or administrative operations is required; additional experience in a large organization or overseas experience specifically related to administrative management for a large and complicated organization is preferred.  Demonstrated successful experience in the field of management and administration including personnel administration, management analysis, strategic planning, space or physical planning, general services and travel, policy formulation and implementation, procurement, budget and contract management is highly desirable.  
  3. Language Proficiency [5%]:  Level 4 English language proficiency is required and must have excellent oral and written English communication skills.  Candidate must have the ability to write mission notices and policies, and make recommendations in clear written and oral formats.
  4. Knowledge [15%]:  Demonstrated knowledge of contract administration, general services, and/or supervision is highly desirable.  Knowledge in the areas of construction, space and physical planning, and HVAC is desirable. Knowledge of USG policies and procedures is preferred, as is knowledge of customs and shipping regulations and procedures.
  5. Skills and Abilities [20%]:  Comprehensive knowledge and application of the principles of customer service, as well as sound managerial, analytical, negotiation and interpersonal skills are required.  The ability to analyze and interpret complex policies, to articulate these policies and their application to GSO operations, and to put into effective practice USAID regulations and directions is essential.  Ability to manage a wide range of activities at the same time, work in a fast-paced environment and to prioritize tasks is essential.  Ability to work in a culturally diverse environment is critical and the candidate must demonstrate excellent skills in building relationships and partnerships with external partners.
  1. Supervision Received: Incumbent receives general supervision from the Supervisory Executive Officer or designee.
  2. Available Guidelines: Guidelines comprise interagency Foreign Affairs Manual; the Standardized Regulations; USAID policies, programming, planning, budgeting processes; Federal and AID acquisition regulations; Federal Travel Regulations; federal non-expendable property management; federal leasing; supply management procedures; incumbent will be required to develop his/her own effective means of implementing these guidelines in the context of GSO. 
  3. Exercise of Judgment: The incumbent will be directing all phases of General Services Office (GSO) operations.  S/he develops and implements policies, procedures and systems for all GSO units and will be expected to represent USAID on interagency committees as required.  S/he will be expected to develop new ways to resolve major problems relevant to the GSO operations.  His/her recommendations will be considered technically authoritative and would normally be accepted without significant change.
  4. Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts: Personal contacts are with Institutional Contractors, landlords and customers at all levels of Mission Staff on basis of coordination, negotiation, supervision and instruction.
  5. Authority to Make Commitments: As a USPSC, incumbent is not authorized to make any financial commitments on behalf of the USAID/Cairo mission, yet his/her recommendation will be considered technically authoritative, and is considered final laying basis for final decision involving finance.
  6. Supervision Exercised: Incumbent directly supervises three (3) unit managers with an overall workforce of approximately 19.  This is in addition to one (1) general maintenance contractor with up to 40 additional staff members. 
  7. Post Entry Training:  Limited job instruction will be provided.  Incumbent will be expected to proactively seek self-training in the areas of USAID policies and procedures including familiarization with the Federal Affairs Manual, ADS, Post Employee Handbook, Local Compensation Plan, Federal Travel Regulations, etc. 
  8. Security Clearance:  Must possess or be eligible for a SECRET security clearance.
Time Required to Perform Full Range of Duties: 6 months.
Will be determined by the USAID Contracting Officer within the GS-13 salary range based on experience, qualifications, and salary history ($71,647-$93,175).  This position is taxable; incumbent will be required to pay US taxes.
NOTE:  Experience and education which exceed the requirements set forth in the position description but which are not directly related to or required in the performance of expected duties WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AS JUSTIFICATION FOR UPGRADING THE POSITION OR DESIGNATED SALARY AS SET BY THE CONTRACTING OFFICER.
USAID anticipates issuance of a Resident Hire USPSC contract as defined in the AID Acquisition Regulations ( Appendix D, and the CIBs and AAPDs referenced therein.
Employment shall be for an initial period of one year with an option to extend the contract in yearly increments.  This Personal Services Contract is subject to the availability of funds. 
To be considered, the applicant shall meet those qualifications marked (required).  Candidates will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
Factor / Percentage
Education 20%
Prior Work Experience 40%
Knowledge 15%
Language Proficiency 5%
Skills and abilities 20%
Total 100%
Reference checks with cognizant work associates will be required.  USAID will require references from at least two current or past work associates.
Please apply by submitting OF-612 Optional Application for Federal Employment and attach a current CV or resume to the form. Please send your application form to USAID HR Office, by fax to 2516-0388/2522-7197 or via e-mail to Application form is available online and It is also available in the Human Resources Office.                                        
Shortlisted applicants are invited for tests and/or interviews during this time frame. Due to the high volume of applications, only candidates who are shortlisted for a position are contacted for an interview. Please do not contact HR for a status report on your application once your application has been acknowledged.   Interviewed candidates will normally be advised of the outcome of the selection process after a period of about four weeks.
The USAID office is located at:
New Office Building (NOB)
Plot 1/A Nady El Etisalat Street, Off El Laselki St.,
New Maadi, Cairo Egypt.
Postal Code#: 11435
Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 7:45am

Last updated: December 12, 2013