USAID/Egypt Payment and Certifying Officer

Position Title: Payment and Certifying Officer (USAID/Egypt Financial Management Office)
Position number:  05 – 2013
Location:  Cairo, Egypt
Type of Employment: Resident Hire US Personal Services Contract – Full time [40 hours per week, one person] and Part time [35 hours per week, one person]
Effective: Immediately
Expected Duration:  One year - Renewable
Salary Potential:    GS-13
Application Deadline:  December 24, 2013


  1. Candidate must be US citizen.
  2. Preference will be given to Eligible Family Members [EFMs] of US employees assigned to Cairo. Other Americans resident in Egypt may be considered in the event no suitably qualified EFM candidates apply.
  3. Candidate should be able to complete the contract term before leaving post, and must retain his/her EFM status for the full term of the contract if s/he is an EFM.
  4. Applicant must have the required work and/or residency permits allowing work in Egypt before being able to apply.
  5. A candidate who is otherwise qualified, but does not meet full requirements of the position, may be appointed as a trainee and be required to serve at a lower grade level for the period of one year.
  6. The policy of USAID/Egypt prohibits discrimination based on, among other factors, gender, disability, religion or race in matters pertaining to admission, access, treatment, or employment in all Agency programs and activities. This policy complies with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), the USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR), Sections 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and their implementing regulations.

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The USAID Financial Management Office requires the services of two US citizens effective immediately to fill the position of Payment and Certifying Officers. Working hours are 35 hours per week or 40 hours per week. Please note that priority consideration will be given to US citizen Eligible Family Members (EFMs). If applicant is an eligible family member, please submit a cover letter along with the application containing:

  1. The name and Agency of Sponsor
  2. Post departure date
  3. A brief summation point by point for each item in the announcement detailing how they have performed the same or similar duties in their prior work experience



The Contractor/incumbent serves as a Payment Specialist (PS) and principal Authorized Certifying Officer (ACO) for the Regional Financial Management (FM) Office of USAID/Egypt, providing financial management services to USAID/Egypt as well as to client missions Morocco, Yemen, Lebanon, Paris and Rome, as well as the OMEP and RIG/Cairo offices. Incumbent is charged with the responsibility of final review and authorization of vouchers for   payment and is held accountable for public funds. Has no public funds in their physical possession but is personally accountable for and required to make good to the U.S. Government the amount of any illegal or improper payment. The PS/ACO has a serious burden to avoid liability or to qualify for relief from an erroneous payment, and must rely upon the financial controls system in place to ensure the propriety of payments. To avoid personal liability, must be knowledgeable of financial controls systems and comply with established procedures, and is responsible to ensure that funds are legally available for payment; services for which bills have been presented have been rendered; advancement of funds prior to rendition of services is legally proper; vouchers are correct; computations are correct; and the amount of any illegal, improper, or incorrect payment is not certified for payment. The PS/ACO can have a definitive impact on the outcome of vouchers relating to internal (employees) or external (contractors, grantees, vendors) payments.  Must use sound judgment and refer to frequently complex government guidelines when examining and reviewing vouchers and considering or disallowing all or parts of payments funded with USD and Trust Funded appropriations.

The combined OYB’s for which payments are made consists of over $590 million of program funds and $21 million in operating expense funds, comprised of both appropriated dollars and local currency trust funds. Approximately 10,000 payments are examined and processed by the PS/ACO each year, valued at more than $480 million, and are made through four different disbursing offices (two USDOs & 2 local banks). The incumbent also performs duties related to payroll review and transmission for FSNs, USDHs, and USPSCs. All payments are certified in USAID’s Phoenix accounting system which includes 20 different document types and approximately 100 transactions types.

The incumbent may also be required to act as the payment section supervisor during the absence of the supervisor.



The Contractor’s responsibilities include the following:

1)    70% - Review for correctness and certify for payment complex invoices and/or claims for payment involving program funded contracts, grants, host country contracts, PASAs, PILs and Commodity Import Program letters of commitment. Also review and certify a full range of complex administrative claims, including a substantial number of international travel vouchers and other entitlement payments. Claims reviewed include a variety of payment provisions including payroll claims, fixed price, cost reimbursement and variable cost contracts and require judgment in adapting USAID procedures  to Egyptian business customs and laws. Review and analysis includes:

  • Ensuring that the obligation contains appropriate authorizations and administrative approval, and is supported by proper evidence showing that a valid, binding agreement has been executed and properly recorded;
  • Ensuring that the request for payment is in accordance with the provisions, terms, and conditions of the obligating document;
  • Verification that funds are available and that established controls to prevent improper or duplicate payment are in place and effectively working;
  • Ensuring proper application of the Prompt Payment Act by processing vouchers within the correct time frame;
  • Ensuring that disbursements comply with USG and host country laws and regulations;
  • Preparing and communicating rationales concerning any portions of a claim where payment is suspended or disallowed;
  • Communicating with payees and other mission staff to provide guidance, interpret the agency’s voucher auditing requirements, and/or request clarifying information regarding proposed payments.                       

2)  10% - Function as the primary mission liaison with the USDO local banks to transmit payment files, provide procedural guidance, identify system issues, operate complex payment system interfaces, and troubleshoot local bank payment issues as they arise.  Incumbent is responsible for ensuring the physical security of computers and sensitive banking information. The system houses and transmits sensitive banking information of nearly $500 million per year to local banks and regional finance centers; the ACO is responsible for controlling access to the equipment for use by others. The ACO is also responsible for communicating with Citibank and downloading and distributing monthly statements for items procured using the government credit card.    

3)  10% - Projects as assigned by the Controller / Deputy Controller, including identifying and assisting in the development of Phoenix reporting and system applications for use by the FM payments section to maintain financial controls. 

4)  5% - Monitor program and OE advances to ensure conformity to advance aging regulations, and take action as necessary to bring excess amounts into compliance.   

5)  5% - Assist the Deputy Controller and the Controller to review and ensure that appropriate procedures and internal controls are in place and are adhered to, including review and clearance of bank reconciliations and travel authorizations.      



A.  Citizenship: Must be a citizen of the United States.

B.  Education [30%]: Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or related field required. Bachelor’s degree in other field combined with relevant prior experience will be considered in lieu of education requirement.

C.  Prior Work Experience [30%]: 3-5 years of practical experience in applying professional principles and accepted practices of accounts payable / accounts receivable is required. Prior financial management experience with USG/USAID regulations, laws and procedures is highly desirable.

D.  Post Entry Training: USAID-sponsored courses as necessary and on-the-job training.

E.  Knowledge & Communication Skills [30%]: Knowledge of professional accounts payable/receivable principles, practices and terminology required. Familiarity with financial management automated systems, MS Word, and Excel required. Desired qualifications include knowledge of: Federal procurement practices and Standardized Regulations,  USG / USAID accounts payable/receivable and accounting policies and procedures, Prompt Payment Act requirements, FAM, FAR, and ADS series 600 for financial management. Experience using the USAID Phoenix financial management system highly desirable. Excellent spoken English skills required.

F.  Skills and Abilities [10%]: Required to work under pressure to manage a complex range of payments and collections and prioritize workflow within time constraints. Advanced analytical skills required to troubleshoot issues and verify complex computations and analyses in order to support approvals and/or unallowable claims. Ability required to analyze section reporting needs and assist in the development of Phoenix reporting applications for use by the section. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills required to work with internal and external customers and clearly explain rationales for payment procedures and claims deficiencies. Required to logically and consistently apply detailed regulations, procedures, and contract conditions to the payment process.



A.  Supervision Received: Works under the general supervision of the Deputy Controller, but the incumbent carries out assignments independently, referring only complex issues as needed to the supervisor. Incumbent independently plans, organizes, and carries out the work.

B.  Available guidelines: AID Directives System (ADS), Foreign Affairs Handbook (FAH), Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM), Department of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR), Mission Orders, etc.

C.  Exercise of Judgment: Has considerable independence and exercises professional judgment in verifying the adequacy of financial reports, researching payment and systems issues that arise, determining reasonableness of payment claims, and allowing / disallowing payments. Exercises independence in recommending actions to management to apply USG/USAID regulations, to correct deficiencies, and to enhance office productivity.

D.  Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts: Extensive and substantial contacts with internal and external customers and clients: FM management and peers, USAID project offices, and a variety of contractors, grantees and vendors for the purpose of exchanging information, researching and resolving issues. Also includes regular contact with local USDO bank management.

E.  Authority to Make Commitments: None.

F.  Supervision Exercised: No continuing supervisory responsibility, but incumbent may be called upon to act for the accounts payable section supervisor in her/his absence.

Time Required to Perform Full Range of Duties: After Entry into the position: 3 months.


Will be determined by the USAID Contracting Officer within the GS-13 salary range based on experience, qualifications, and salary history ($71,647-$93,175). This position is taxable; incumbent will be required to pay US taxes.

NOTE: Experience and education which exceed the requirements set forth in the position description but which are not directly related to or required in the performance of expected duties WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AS JUSTIFICATION FOR UPGRADING THE POSITION OR DESIGNATED SALARY AS SET BY THE CONTRACTING OFFICER.



USAID anticipates issuance of a Resident Hire USPSC contract as defined in the AID Acquisition Regulations ( Appendix D, and the CIBs and AAPDs referenced therein.

Employment shall be for an initial period of one year with an option to extend the contract in yearly increments. This Personal Services Contract is subject to the availability of funds.



To be considered, the applicant shall meet those qualifications marked (required). Candidates will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Education 30%

Prior Experience 30%

Knowledge & Communications Skills 30%

Other skills and abilities described in position elements 10%

Reference checks with cognizant work associates will be required. USAID will require references from at least two current or past work associates.



Please apply by submitting OF-612 Optional Application for Federal Employment and attach a current CV or resume to the form. Please send your application form to USAID HR Office, by fax to 2516-0388/25227197 or via e-mail to Application form is available online  at and It is also available in the Human Resources Office.

Shortlisted applicants are invited for tests and/or interviews during this time frame. Due to the high volume of applications, only candidates who are shortlisted for a position are contacted for an interview. Please do not contact HR for a status report on your application once your application has been acknowledged. Interviewed candidates will normally be advised of the outcome of the selection process after a period of about four weeks.


The USAID office is located at:
1/A Nady El Etisalat Street (off El Laselki St.), New Maadi, Cairo Egypt
Postal Code#: 11435

Sunday, December 1, 2013 - 9:15am

Last updated: December 12, 2013