DIV Expression of Interest form (EOI)

Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) runs an open competition for bold development ideas in any sector and any country in which USAID operates.

DIV can engage applicants in a number of ways. The common entry point into the DIV competition is the Expression of Interest (EOI) - a short concept note in which we ask applicants to outline their idea or solution to a development challenge. Interested applicants may review DIV's Addendum to the Development Innovation Accelerator, Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) and guidance on What We Look For before submitting a Letter of Interest for review. Selected candidates will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal at a later date.

Note: All communication and inquiries should be done through DIV@usaid.gov and applications should be submitted to DIVApplications@usaid.gov. Applications sent by any other means (including Grants.gov) will not be considered.

Additional resources for applying to DIV can also be found on these pages:

Last updated: November 01, 2016