Education Program Specialist - SOL-306-14-000088-OSSD

The United States Government, represented by the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking applications from qualified individuals interested in providing the TCNPSC services as described in the attached solicitation. For further information please visit
Submission shall be in accordance with the attached information and applications should be submitted electronically to and
This solicitation will remain open until close of business of July 01, 2014.
Interested applicants must submit the following documents or their applications may not be considered for this position:
1. U.S government OF-0612 form which is available at the following websites: or
2. At current curriculum vitae (CV) or resume;
3. A minimum of three (3) references, who are not family members or relatives, with working telephone and email contacts. The applicant's references must be able to provide substantive information about his/her past performance and abilities. USAID/Afghanistan will only contact references for the finalist, and will only do so with the permission of the applicant.
4. A written statement that addresses the Evaluation/Selection Criteria in this solicitation.
The CV/resume must contain sufficient relevant information to evaluate the application in accordance with the stated evaluation criteria. Broad general statements that are vague or lacking specificity will not be considered as effectively addressing particular selection criteria.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 11:15am

Last updated: June 17, 2014