Guidance on USAID Operations during a Lapse in Appropriations

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September 25, 2015


TO: Principal Officers, Assistant Administrators and Heads of Independent Offices

SUBJECT: Guidance on USAID Operations during a Lapse in Appropriations

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide an updated integrated reference guide concerning the U.S. Agency for International Development operations before and during a lapse in appropriations. (This supersedes all previous guidance.) Please note that all dates in the guidance are subject to change based on the status of the most current legislative action.

The Agency will continue to operate until all appropriated balances are insufficient to continue. While many appropriated funds expire after one year, all Agency accounts, including approximately 15 percent of the Operating Expense account, are multi-year.

If there is no appropriation or continuing resolution enacted before October 1, 2015, Agency operating units (OU) using multi-year or no-year appropriations (with remaining available balances), trust funds, and any other funding source will continue operations until their respective balances are insufficient to continue. The attached guidance has been split into two chapters to ensure clear operating instructions for: a) a period of operations using residual balances (Chapter 1), and b) operations during a lapse in new appropriations (Chapter 2).

The Agency will continue as many normal operations as possible; operating status and available funding will need to be monitored closely and continuously, and planning for a lapse in appropriations must be continued.

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