Questions Regarding Concept Papers for Expanding Participation of People with Disabilities Program – FY 2013 Disability Funding

Q 1) Are Limited Liability Companies Founded by One Person (DOOEL) eligible to apply as a legal entity or is the call intended for civil society organizations only?
A 1) Yes, they are eligible to apply under the given conditions.  Please see details on Applicant Eligibility (Attachment 1) below:    
“Applications should be from qualified U.S. or non-U.S. entities, such as private, non-profit organizations (or for-profit companies willing to forego profits), including private voluntary organizations, universities, research organizations, professional associations, and relevant special interest associations. Local DPOs are strongly encouraged to apply.”
“USAID will not accept applications from individuals. All applicants must be legally recognized organizational entities under applicable law. PIOs are not eligible to apply for funding under this program.”
Q 2) How can we download the application form as a Word Document?
Q 3) Does ‘strengthening sports programs’ also include organization of sports events at local and regional level where PWDs are active participants and which could grow into (traditional) games with a continued development (summer, autumn games and competitions, etc.)? 
A 3) Please refer to Section III (Areas of Interest) and Section IV (Activities and Programs Excluded) of Attachment 01, Mission Specific Information, for more details.
Q 4) Should we send just the application form or also the Report, even though I understood that the Report is for the funded activities that will be provided.
A 4) The Report will be needed at a later stage, for the funded activity (/ies) only.
Q 5) We cannot write in the form that is attached on the web site. What should we do! (Association for blind people.)
A 5) One USAID project that works with PWDs is the YES Network. Staff at this project may be able to assist (POC Milica Trpevska 070 276 915). However, please note that this would only be based on their willingness and availability as they are not bound by their contract.  
Q 6) Is co-financing necessary (and if so, what percentage?)
A 6) The applicants could propose cost-sharing but this is not a requirement. 
Q 7) Is advance payment required (and if so, what percentage?)
A 7) The question is not quite clear, therefore cannot be properly answered. (Please see A6 above.)
Q 8) Is it possible to partner with a Bulgarian NGO that has experience providing teacher-training to mainstream teachers to promote inclusive education?
A 8) The Request for Concept Paper is opened primarily to Macedonian organizations. Thus, the Macedonian organization must be the prime. Whether a foreign organization could be sub-recipient or not it would depend on the type and size of the activities that are expected to be performed by the foreign organization. 

Q 9) Is it possible to select a trainer/trainers when the project begins or must they be stated in the concept paper?

A 9) They can be stated in the concept papers as "To Be Determined" (TBD).

Q 10) Does the Macedonian organization writing the concept paper need to be an NGO or is it possible to be a school?

A 10) The organizations that are invited to submit concept papers are clearly stated in the Request for Concept Papers and in the Country Specific Information. 
Q 11) Regarding the budgeting of the concept note: our organizations have not had major projects in the 2012 and we would like to know if there is a percentage of the organizations’ last year’s budget that is taken into account when assessing the financial capacity?
A 11) No, there is not. 
Q 12) We are a civil society organization that supports children with disabilities. Could you recommend an existing USAID partner, tell us what their activities are, and let us know how we can get in touch with them, please.
A 12) Please see USAIDMacedonia Website and USAID Macedonia Facebook for more information on USAID partners and their activities.
Q 13) Can individuals apply?
A 13) No. Please see details on Applicant Eligibility (Attachment 1):
“USAID will not accept applications from individuals. All applicants must be legally recognized organizational entities under applicable law.”
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Friday, November 8, 2013 - 8:45am

Last updated: December 10, 2013