Addressing Gender-based Violence through USAID’s Health Programs: A Guide For Health Sector Program Officers

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The present guide is intended to help USAID program officers integrate gender-based violence (GBV) activities into their health sector portfolio during project design, implementation, and evaluation. Th e guide focuses on what the health sector can do, keeping in mind that preventing and responding to gender-based violence requires a multisectoral approach. For each type of health program—from community mobilization to health policy—the guide explores reasons why these programs should address gender-based violence and how to support GBV activities based on what is known about promising approaches from literature reviews, (e.g. Heise et al., 1999; Guedes, 2004; Bott et al., 2005), the opinions of leading experts, and feedback from USAID and cooperating agency staff.

Because this document focuses on specifi c design and implementation guidance, it does not contain in-depth programmatic examples. For more detailed information about interventions and countryspecifi c examples, please refer to the resources listed in Part III—in particular, the 2004 literature review by Guedes titled “Addressing Gender-based Violence from the Reproductive Health/HIV Sector: A Literature Review and Analysis.” The literature review can be accessed at [PDF, 586K]

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