Georgia Country Profile

Georgia is a key U.S. ally in the Caucasus region and is a gateway for energy resources from the Caspian Sea to Europe and beyond. The Government of Georgia (GOG) is committed to advance democratic and economic reform, strengthen the rule of law, and improve social services. Georgia’s 2012 Parliamentary Elections were historic and represented the first peaceful, competitive, and constitutional transfer of power in the region.

USAID began operating in Georgia in 1992. For more than twenty years, the American people have provided over $1.5 billion in assistance to Georgia through USAID.  Building on this successful partnership, the U.S. Government will dedicate its resources to new and continuing USAID programs over the next five years to enhance Georgia’s democratic, free-market, Western orientation. Programs include initiatives to stimulate economic growth, develop democratic institutions, enhance energy security, and improve health and education.

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