RIO - Ser+Maestro Fact Sheet


The Ser+Maestro (pronounced Ser Más Maestro) activity provides teachers, students, and communities, with educational tools to foster reconciliation and citizenship empowerment in conflict-affected areas.  The main focus of Ser+Maestro is on schools as an ideal place to promote the important building blocks of reconciliation, tolerance, and respect for diversity.  The activity also provides teacher training, contributes to community leadership and inclusion, and establishes communities respectful of difference.  

Implemented by Proantioquia, the activity runs from October 2017 – October 2020, and will work with teachers from 17 municipalities in four departments (Antioquia, Cauca, Córdoba, and Santander).


Training Teachers     

As leaders and change agents in their communities, teachers will use the tools developed by the Ser+Maestro activity to promote inclusion and reconciliation.  Teachers will pass on the knowledge and skills to their students, transforming the schools to become more inclusive and resilient.  In addition, teachers will receive training in the areas of emotion, mediation, educational leadership, and project design. 

Training Trainers

Three teachers will be selected in each of the 17 municipalities to receive train-the-trainer classes.  This newly trained team of instructors will go on to efficiently extend the concepts and methodologies of Ser+Maestro.  In addition, the trainers will propose new actions to improve the training of teachers at the local level.  

Creating Classroom Practices

A series of guides will be created to work with students on recognition of conflict and reconciliation narratives; the development of the capacity to reconcile; conflict mitigation and peace building; and the exchange of experiences with peers from other municipalities on perceptions about reconciliation, diversity, and inclusion.  These guides will provide methodologies and reflections that can be adapted to different topics within the school curricula.


  • Improved perception of reconciliation, legality, and peace in the school environment.
  • Training 935 teachers in reconciliation, and 51 teachers to become trainers.
  • Creation of a book that documents experiences and educational ideas for the promotion of a peaceful school environment.
  • Creation of classroom guides on reconciliation, diversity, and identity.
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