Jamaica- Rose Town Micro-enterprise Development Project

Project Title: 
Rose Town Micro-enterprise Development Project

Project Overview:
Country: Jamaica
Duration: February 2013 – February 2015

Rose Town Foundation for the Built Environment (RTFBE)

The overall purpose of the project is to develop micro-enterprises and to improve productivity and market potential for micro-enterprises within the Rose Town community. RTFBE has identified the following as possible micro-enterprises to incubate under this program through interest expressed by community members themselves, as well as building upon previous training programs provided by other donors:

  • Carpentry and masonry certification by HEART/NTA as a job employment skill
  • Block-making: A Building Products Workshop and subsequent hands-on training will teach targeted community members how to use an existing block-making machine

The project also includes micro-enterprise training that will scope out business possibilities, recruit participants and mentor the development of at least two micro-enterprises through preparation of business plans and provision of training for skills, business management and marketing. Literacy and building skills training are also included to enhance individuals’ capacity to participate in micro-enterprise development.

Program Targets/ Expected Results:
The total direct beneficiaries of the RTMDP project are as follows:

  • 30 persons as part of the Skills Training and Micro-enterprise development
  • Development of 2 micro-enterprises

The project will also indirectly support additional micro-enterprise opportunities to be made available to the community through infrastructural development being undertaken within the community and its environs.

Program Status:
The Rose Town Micro-enterprise Development Project was launched in 2012. To date, the RTFBE has undergone significant capacity building. This capacity building provide under the project has positioned the organization to better support the development pursuits within Rose Town as well as enhance its ability to manage USAID and other donor partners resources. RTFBE is now preparing to implement the specific micro-enterprise and training component of the project.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 3:00pm

Last updated: March 18, 2014