Civil Society and Democracy in the Eastern Region

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The Civil Society and Democracy in the Eastern Region Project promotes education, analysis and discussion on issues of transparency, governance and democracy in the departments of San Miguel, La Unión, Morazán and Usulután.

In El Salvador, institutions dedicated to generating opinion and research on country issues are centralized in the capital.  With the support of USAID, the Universidad de Oriente (UNIVO) has created the Center of Research for Democracy, a think tank that provides a voice to the population of the eastern region of the country, especially young people, women and leaders of diverse communities, through civic education on issues of democracy, particularly those that concern their region.  The project creates greater awareness among young people, and society in general, about their rights and the importance of monitoring the work of the government. The project also provides information and increases awareness on migration issues to help reduce illegal immigration.

By acquiring knowledge about their rights, citizens can monitor the work of the central and local government on country issues.  Increased transparency and accountability in public investment will help improve the delivery of public services, access to justice and respect for human rights.



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Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 4:45pm

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