Q & A: CMM Bidder's Conference

Q&A from Bidders Conference

Q 1. Can Local NGOs apply for CMM's grants above $500,000?
A 1: Yes, but the Local NGO will have to compete with the International NGOs and the application will be evaluated against the same criteria as the International NGOs. Note, however, that International NGOs are not eligible to compete against Local NGOs in their funding category of grants below $500,000.

Q 2. Do you have any geographic preference in terms of districts?
A 2: As long as the application addresses one of the four categories identified for Nepal, there is no limitation on the geographic coverage. Current CMM grant recipients employ projects in Banke, Bardiya, Dang, Surkhet, Kailali, Nawalparashi, Rupandehi and Sunsari. We welcome applicants to work in other districts, but will not prioritize them or use that as criteria.

Q 3. Can media programs be included in the proposal?
A 3: Yes, if it employs CMM's methodologies and is used to accomplish CMM-style results. 

Q 4. Can a small grants request (for sub-grantees) be included in the proposal?
A 4: Yes and currently we have projects that operate in that manner.

Q 5. In the discussion, USAID requirements may prolong funding a winning proposal for 1-2 years. One of the country specific categories is Constitution writing. What if the constitution is written before the project is awarded?
A 5: Washington makes the final decision for which proposal to fund and transfer funding to USAID/Nepal in September or October in the same year. At that time the winning applicant(s) could be asked to amend their proposal and respond to the current situation, if necessary. 

Q 6. Can one application include multiple categories mentioned in country specific instruction?
A 6: Yes, however, it is important that the methodologies to accomplish objectives within those categories are clear and that they complement each-other for the larger goal.

Q 7. Is the list of categories mentioned under the country specific instruction prioritized?
A 7: Yes, the topics mentioned under country specific instruction are presented in order of priority. Note, however, additional points will not be given for one category over another in the evaluation criteria.


Q 8. We support formal channels for the Rule of Law per our organizational mandate. Our concern is whether or not we could successfully apply CMM methodologies to link informal channels to formal Rule of Law channels under our mandate. What is your past experience?
A 8. Each organization has its own mission, vision and goal. The CMM APS requires the applicants to use, among other things, People-to-People, Do no Harm, Theory of Change, conflict prevention, and GESI approaches in their proposal. In the past, we have received applications that only supported the organization's mandate and lacked the required CMM methodology. As a result those proposals were disqualified for not meeting the minimum requirements, despite being good proposals. The organization should only apply if they are able to incorporate successfully the CMM methodologies and requirements in the call for proposals. 


Friday, March 14, 2014 - 3:45am

Last updated: March 14, 2014