Project Management Specialist (Fiscal Space)


The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID/Philippines) has an immediate need for a Project Management Specialist (Fiscal Space). The incumbent is a member of the Office of Economic Development and Governance (OEDG), which has overall responsibility for designing, managing, and evaluating assistance in support of the Mission’s Partnership for Growth (PFG) initiative and the Mission’s Development Objective 1 (DO1), “Broad Based and Inclusive Growth Sustained”. The Specialist serves as the Foreign Service National (FSN) fiscal space specialist for activities related to fiscal policy, including tax administration, public expenditure management, and other issues related to public financial management. Specifically, s/he provides project management, research, and analytical expertise in support of OEDG’s programmatic efforts, while also shaping overall strategic and program planning. The Specialist is also responsible for economic analysis related to fiscal space. Knowledgeable about the entire life-cycle of development projects, s/he is responsible for bringing evidence, analysis, and critical thinking to bear on fiscal space issues that inform the design, development, selection, implementation, and evaluation of projects undertaken by OEDG. The Specialist assists in formulating and implementing studies and projects that will guide programming decisions including contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements in the areas of economic growth, governance, and policy reform. S/He supports the OEDG in generating and disseminating evidence-based research and evaluation that will guide Mission program and policy decisions related to PFG.

The candidate must meet the following Evaluation Criteria:

  • Education (10 %) A Master’s degree in economics or closely related field from a reputable university. Completion of a Ph.D degree in an economic-related discipline is highly desirable.
  • Work Experience (20 %) Must have a minimum of five years of progressively responsible, professional-level experience related to fiscal space, including experience in research and analysis, policy analysis, interpretation of data, and the presentation of findings in written and oral form. At least 3 years of related work in an international development agency or donor agency projects, host-government organizations, research think-tanks and/or other private sector institutions.
  • Job Knowledge (30 %) The Specialist must have a thorough knowledge of: (1) concepts, principles, techniques, and practices of fiscal space development; (2) host country’s economic, political, social and cultural characteristics and of the history of the development assistance activities in the host country; and (3) host country’s economic development prospects, priorities, and resources. This position requires a thorough knowledge, or the ability to quickly acquire such knowledge of U.S. Government legislation relating to development assistance; USAID programming and policies, regulations, procedures, and documentation; and the objectives, methodology, and status of the programs and projects to which assigned.
  • Skills and Abilities (30 %) The Specialist must have the ability to: 1) establish and maintain an extensive range of contacts with high-level officials of the host government, and with influential persons in private volunteer organizations and the private sector community in order to represent and defend USAID development policies and concerns to senior USAID officials; 2) identify significant economic, political and social trends in the host country and assess their importance and impact on USAID development assistance objectives and programs; 3) obtain, analyze, and evaluate a variety of data and to organize and present it in meaningful terms to others; 4) draft factual and interpretive reports covering complex subject matter; 5) provide information and advice with detachment and objectivity; and, 6) orient, train, and supervise lower level local personnel, when appropriate.
  • Communication and Computer Skills (10 %) - Excellent command of English (both in written and oral form). Ability to develop and deliver professional quality reports and presentations. Writing skills are required to prepare regular and ad hoc reports, project documentation, and briefing papers. Computer literacy is essential, including competency in word processing and the use of spreadsheet programs.

The compensation package includes mid-year and year-end bonuses, health and life insurance, and a supplementary retirement plan. The salary will be negotiated based on a combination of the candidate's salary history and of the organization's pay plan.

Note: USAID reserves the right to reject any and all applicants. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

Application letter and comprehensive resume must be received via email at no later than February 21, 2014.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 7:45pm

Last updated: April 01, 2014