The Feed the Future Kenya Investment Mechanism

The Feed the Future Kenya Investment Mechanism (KIM) Program is a five-year project that will unlock financing and investment by addressing two principal market failures that have discouraged investors from financing certain segments of the clean energy and agriculture sectors:
1) insufficient quality consulting services (financial, transaction advisory, strategy and business performance), and
2) limited availability of financial products or available financing tailored to agriculture and clean energy.

To address these failures, KIM will provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to financing actors and increasing competitiveness through the mobilization of capital into the horticulture, dairy, livestock, and clean energy value chains (VCs). Through financial incentives, training, and technical assistance, KIM will build the capacity of Financial Institutions (FIs) and Business Advisory Services providers to facilitate private finance and investment to thousands of Small, Medium including Large Enterprises (SMiLEs) in the target value chains.

Concurrently, KIM will lead policy reform efforts focused on removing barriers inhibiting large-scale investment into the target sectors, therefore unlocking further finance. The two objectives of KIM will result in the project serving as an investment platform that mobilizes substantial capital from the public and private sectors and builds partnerships between stakeholders in the financial ecosystem, ultimately contributing to USAID Kenya and East Africa's Feed the Future and Power Africa overall goal of fostering broad-based, sustained, and inclusive economic growth in Kenya.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 12:15pm

Last updated: July 31, 2019