Fact Sheet: Ukusiza, June 2013


Improving primary grade reading is critically important to the success of South African children. In order to maximize student achievement, teachers must have the skills to deliver quality education. To improve primary grade reading outcomes, Ukusiza will strengthen teacher professional development by developing and distributing high-quality digital teacher training content.


Through the School Capacity & Innovation Program grant, Mindset, a technology non-profit organization, is developing and distributing hundreds of hours of video materials to boost teacher skills in language and reading, ranging from lesson planning to classroom management to samples of master teaching. Ukusiza is a three-year, $1.5 million project supported by USAID, ELMA Foundation and J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation that will end in June 2015. In addition to creating top quality teacher development videos, a range of supporting materials, including lesson plans and topic packs will be developed. All videos will be filmed in real classrooms with real teachers and will promote reflective learning and mentoring.


1. To provide teaching resources such as broadcast television, the internet, Video on Demand, DVDs and USB devices to teachers in South Africa,

2. To foster and provide instruction in classroom management and school improvement,

3. To develop and implement a teacher professional development model focusing on Foundation and Intermediate Phase teachers teaching Literacy/Language.

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Last updated: July 03, 2013