Fact Sheet: Teacher Assessment Resource for Monitoring and Improving Instruction for Foundation Phase - TARMII-FP, June 2013


While South Africa has dramatically improved access to education over the past decade, the quality of education remains very poor. TARMII-FP will work to address this problem by providing teachers with a computer-based assessment tool that will help teachers to more effectively address individual student learning needs in reading.


TARMII-FP is implemented by the Human Sciences Research Council and is co-funded by USAID, the ELMA Foundation, and J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation, with non-financial support from the South African Department of Basic Education. This $1.5 million project is part of the School Capacity & Innovation Program, and is designed to improve primary grade reading outcomes by building teacher effectiveness and strengthening classroom and school management. Running from July 2012 to June 2015, TARMII-FP will enable teachers to draw upon a database of thousands of reading activities and test items to generate assessments and homework exercises tailored for their students. The tool will allow teachers to record and analyze student results.


1. To enable teachers to generate assessments and homework exercises tailored to their students,

2. To improve teacher effectiveness in meeting the needs of every student,

3. To improve the learning environment and increase learner reading skills.

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Last updated: July 03, 2013