Fact Sheet: South Africa's Low Emissions Development - SA-LED, June 2013


South Africa has a rapidly growing economy that is highly dependent on fossil fuels.  As the economic status of individuals improves, the demand on already strained energy production and associated greenhouse gas emissions is expected to increase dramatically. The USG aims to assist the Government of South Africa to move towards achievement of the ambitious emissions reduction targets it announced in November 2011 in the National Climate Change Response White Paper.


With approximately $10 million, USAID is partnering with the South Africa Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) to provide technical assistance to help South Africa transform its economy to one that supports jobs and sustainable growth, while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. USAID will capitalize on strategic advantages in science, technology, and financing to increase South Africa’s ability to promote innovative, climate friendly, bankable projects in transport and other sectors.  The partnership also aims to expand South African capacities to monitor, track and regulate emissions. 


1. Incorporate low emission development strategies within public sector models for integrated infrastructure and development planning.

2. Expand South Africa’s emissions monitoring and reporting capabilities.

3. Facilitate private sector participation in a range of low emission bankable projects.

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Last updated: July 03, 2013