Fact Sheet: Reef Rescuers. Restoring Seychelles' Coral Reefs in The Face of Climate Change, June 2013


Coral reefs are among the ocean’s most biologically diverse and ecologically important habitats.  While they are vital to the survival of many marine species as well as the economy and food security of many coastal communities, they are threatened by pollution, global climate change, overfishing, and natural disasters. 


Nature Seychelles, a local NGO, is actively working to reduce the pressure on coral reefs in the Indian Ocean by developing a model for capacity building and habitat restoration along Cousin and Praslin islands, in the Seychelles.  By improving the reef management skills of those most dependent on coral resources, and developing a sustainable coral culturing and replanting program, Nature Seychelles is conserving remaining, healthy coral reefs and restoring reefs that have been degraded by recent coral bleaching events and human activities. In 2010 USAID provided $513,825, which supports the important coral restoration work of Nature Seychelles until 2014. 


1. Support research to understand and address threats and vulnerability of reef habitats.
2. Generate a stock of coral colonies for the purpose of reef restoration.
3. Initiate seascape restoration of selected coral reef habitats, as a model for the Seychelles and the region.
4. Build stakeholder capacity in Seychelles and the region to generate a pool of skilled persons for sustained coral reef restoration.
5. Produce a business plan to ensure long term sustainability of targeted habitats.

Last updated: December 03, 2015