Fact Sheet: Lesotho Consensus Building Program - UNDP, June 2013


Following the landmark 2012 National Assembly Elections in Lesotho, the need to form a tripartite-coalition government offered an unprecedented transition opportunity to secure lasting political stability in Lesotho. Clear procedural and legal frameworks to form the coalition government are needed.  Capacities and processes for reconciliation and mediation must be supported by the international community to secure success of the coalition government. Effective application of locally appropriate procedures for the coalition government that are grounded in international best practices will change the face of democracy in Lesotho. 


Under a 15 month, $650,000 grant awarded in 2012, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) seeks to stabilize and catalyze the formation of a coalition government in Lesotho.  UNDP serves as a mediator and negotiator for all the main actors, accompanying and capacitating them through a crucial transition in Lesotho’s history.    


1. Successful political consolidation and mediation between political parties who now must govern together, including support to key civil society actors who play a direct mediation role.
2. Electoral process review and reform, to incorporate lessons learned from the landmark elections.
3. Parliamentary strengthening to enable the new coalition government’s nascent parliamentarians to take the first step in delivering to the people of the country.

Last updated: December 03, 2015