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Transforming Lives

Zahra Daher displays a picture used in HIV/AIDS training.

“When we first started talking about HIV and AIDS, people would throw stones at us and chase us away,” says Zahra Daher. “It was as if by telling them about it we were bringing them the infection.”

Future site of a new health center in Djibouti.

This new building sits on the site of a groundbreaking public-private partnership.

Oumalkaire Omar Djama driving a heavy weight truck at her work place Al Gamil, the largest construction company in Djibouti.

Oumalkaire Omar Djama is a dynamic and passionate 22-year-old woman from the district of Arta in the Republic of Djibouti who has made the journey from a hopeless, out-of-school youth to a successful truck driver and supervisor at one of the country's largest private construction companies. Djama signed on and completed a four-month driving program last year, supported under USAID/Djibouti's Assistance to Education program, and implemented in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and a private sector driving school called Zaki. The goal of the program is to assist out-of-school youth acquire skills that are in demand in the job market. Djama passed all her courses and obtained a driver's license for heavy equipment vehicles, a field traditionally dominated by men.

A community health worker in Djibouti, with neighborhood children
“Sometimes I walk a long way to visit with women in their camps. They don’t always want to listen, and sometimes they don’t have time to talk. But I keep going — now we know things we didn’t know before and we can be healthier,” says Saida, a community health worker in rural Djibouti.

Success stories from the USAID Djibouti mission

Last updated: November 03, 2015

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