DIV Application Timeline

The DIV team appreciates the time sensitive nature of many proposals and continuously strives to accelerate the processes. DIV will now review applications on a rolling basis, so applicants are encouraged to submit applications at any time. Information on the target response time, and on any special deadlines, will be updated here. 
  • Stage 1: Submission of the Letter of Intent form may be sufficient for DIV to make an award decision. After ensuring that applicants meet the eligibility requirements, DIV staff will review the applications for merit. The most promising applications will be moved to a final review, during which DIV will solicit feedback from external experts and may follow up with additional questions.1
  • Stage 2 & Stage 3: Submission of the Letter of Intent will provide sufficient material for DIV’s pre-screening. After pre-screening, the most promising applications will proceed to a final review for which DIV will request additional information via a Final Application. The Final Application guidelines will be sent directly to invited applicants, and will request further details about certain aspects of the proposal, including but not limited to the operational model, impact and cost effectiveness of the innovation, fundraising, organizational details, and measuring success. Applicants may submit the Final Application whenever they are ready, with a final deadline of eight weeks after notification. Upon receipt, DIV staff will review Final Applications and solicit feedback from external experts. 
  • All successful applicants, following notification of intent to award, will engage in a mandatory negotiation process.2 This includes verifying that the applicant is registered in SAM.gov and has a valid DUNS number, both of which are pre-award requirements. The award drafting and negotiation process includes multiple steps associated with meeting federal and agency requirements and may take several months or more, depending on many factors including but not limited to the size of the financial request, past experience of the applicant organization, the type of award instrument identified for the proposed activities, the results of the initial environmental examination, and other considerations.
At any stage in the application review process, DIV reserves the right to pose clarifying questions and conduct discussions with some, all, or none of the applicants. DIV may request that applicants who have submitted applications for larger awards present their application to DIV via teleconference, videoconference, or travel to USAID/Washington at their own expense. DIV will only meet with those applicants from whom DIV requests a meeting: other applicants do not need to contact DIV to schedule a presentation. 
Applicants and those considering applying must send all questions and responses to questions in writing to DIV@usaid.gov. Applications must be submitted to DIVapplications@usaid.gov. Applications sent by any other means (including Grants.gov) will not be considered. www.usaid.gov/DIV contains much content that is useful for applicants. Please do not contact USAID staff with general questions. 
1 All reviewers sign non-disclosure and non-conflict of interest statements.
USAID anticipates making awards under this APS in the form of grants including Fixed Obligation Grants and Cooperative Agreements. In accordance with ADS 303.3.3, Assistance instruments are issued when the principal purpose of the transaction is to accomplish a public purpose of support or stimulation, as authorized by the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended (FAA).

Last updated: April 16, 2014

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