Solar storage: creating clean energy storage systems for developing world contexts

$100,000 | Stage 1: Proof of Concept | Energy

With Stage 1 support from DIV and additional leveraging of over $8.5 million, SiGNa Chemistry developed the E-Bike, a fuel-cell powered bicycle prototype that provides both a clean, efficient mode of transportation and a portable, stand alone, general purpose power source. The system used a portable hydrogen fuel cell power as a portable source of power for a wide range of applications including: e-bicycle, electronics, refrigerators, computers, phones, water filters/pumps, lighting, mobility and more. The E-Bike and its power module was intended for three primary uses: (1) as a long-range, pollution-free, powered transportation alternative, (2) as a general purpose mobile power source, and (3) for use in emergency or disaster relief efforts.

As an early grantee in the DIV pipeline, SiGNa presented an exciting opportunity to test the potential cost effectiveness and scalability of a new solution at low risk. In the future, however, DIV will be seeking solutions that move beyond prototype development to incorporate field testing of their project.

Last updated: August 28, 2015

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