The life-saving balloon: Developing an affordable postpartum hemorrhage treatment to save mothers’ lives

$99,793 | Stage 1: Proof of Concept  | Global Health

Program for Appropriate Technology in Health’s (PATH)  | Ghana

The problem: Postpartum hemorrhaging is a leading cause of maternal mortality

Every four minutes, a new mother dies of postpartum hemorrhage. With deaths totaling 140,000 per year worldwide, it is the leading cause of maternal mortality. There is a need to develop and test an affordable, life-saving balloon tamponade that could help combat the leading cause of maternal mortality.

The solution: A life-saving balloon for less

DIV is supporting the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health’s (PATH) development of a safe, simple balloon tamponade that would be affordable in the developing world. The tamponade stops hemorrhage and controls uterine bleeding at as much as a 97% reduction in cost.  Balloon tamponades can save a woman’s life 76% to 100% of the time, depending on the design. However, with current costs of up to $312 for a single-use tamponade, they are prohibitively expensive for widespread use in developing countries.  

The potential: Cost-effectiveness, impacts, and implications

PATH will develop and field test in Ghana an affordable balloon tamponade that costs less than $10, compared to current models used in developed countries that cost between $77 and $312, which has the potential to make this health tool more widely available to the poor.

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Last updated: September 09, 2014

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