Application Process

To learn more about DIV, please follow the steps laid out on our Apply page. Be sure that you have reviewed this page, the FAQs, the Tips for Applicants, and the Annual Program Statement (APS), which includes the Evaluation Criteria. You should also browse current and past winners in our portfolio before you submit an application through the online portal. It is critical that you review all of these resources before submitting your application, as DIV is quite selective, making grants to just a small portion of the over 1,000 applications we receive each year.

Submit your application to DIV at any time

You can prepare your application and work on it offline using the sample application. Once your application is ready, you can submit it through our online portal. In response to various questions, you will describe the problem, proposed solution, expected activities and outcomes, evaluation plan, and project team. Applications are accepted and evaluated year-round on a rolling basis. Applicants will generally receive a response to their initial application within 1-2 months of submission.

To apply, follow the steps found here. Please note that our application portal is best accessed through Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

Participate in the DIV due diligence process

A select group of applicants pass the initial review and move onto the due diligence stage. During this stage, applicants have the opportunity to pitch their proposal so the DIV team can better understand the proposed solution. The DIV team may conduct additional interviews, request supplementary materials, contact references or partners, engage other USAID or external experts, and gather any other information necessary to fully evaluate the application. The due diligence process usually takes 2-5 months, depending on a variety of factors, such as the proposal’s technical complexity.

Negotiate and finalize the grant award

After collecting sufficient information, the DIV team will convene a decision panel. If the panel makes a funding recommendation, the applicant will receive an official "Notice of Intent to Award." Once recommended for funding, you enter the process to negotiate and finalize the grant award, primarily involving USAID’s Office of Acquisition and Assistance (OAA) and the DIV team.

In addition to completing various materials required by the Agency, an important part of this process is negotiating the project milestones that will structure the award payments. DIV provides funding only when specific results and milestones are achieved. The process to negotiate and finalize the award can take 3-5 months.

If Selected, Winners Receive DIV funding!

If OAA has chosen you and determines that all requirements are met, OAA will award the grant. From the date you submit an application to the date of award finalization, the process usaually takes between 6 to 12 months.

Last updated: April 20, 2020

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