Digital Government Strategy Midpoint Progress Report

2.1. Engage with customers to identify at least two existing major customer-facing services that contain high-value data or content as first-move candidates to make compliant with new open data, content, and web API policy.

Overall Status: Completed

2.1.2. Prioritized list of systems (datasets)

System Name: U.S. Overseas Loans and Grants (Greenbook)
System Description: These data are U.S economic and military assistance by country from 1946 to 2010. This is the authoritative data set of U.S. foreign assistance. The data set is used to report U.S foreign assistance to Congress as required by the Foreign Assistance Act, Section 634.
System Scope: external
Main Customer: Congress

System Name: Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS.NET)
System Description: The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) is a USAID-funded activity that collaborates with international, regional and national partners to provide timely and rigorous early warning and vulnerability information on emerging and evolving food security issues. FEWS NET professionals in the Africa, Central America, Haiti, Afghanistan and the United States monitor and analyze relevant data and information in terms of its impacts on livelihoods and markets to identify potential threats to food security.

Once these issues are identified, FEWS NET uses a suite of communications and decision support products to help decision makers act to mitigate food insecurity. These products include monthly food security updates for 25 countries, regular food security outlooks, and alerts, as well as briefings and support to contingency and response planning efforts. More in-depth studies in areas such as livelihoods and markets provide additional information to support analysis as well as program and policy development.

FEWS NET also focuses its efforts on strengthening early warning and food security networks. Activities in this area include developing capacity, building and strengthening networks, developing policy-useful information, and building consensus around food security problems and solutions. FEWS.NET

System Scope: External
Main Customer: International Development Community and Public

System Name: Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS NET)
System Description: A USAID-funded food security and famine early warning system covering more than 30 of the most food insecure countries in the world
System Scope: Both
Main Customer: International Development Community and American Public

7.1. Engage with customers to identify at least two existing priority customer-facing services to optimize for mobile use.

Overall Status: Completed

7.1.2. Prioritized list of systems (datasets)

System Name: Development Experience Clearinghouse (D.E.C)
System Description: USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) is the largest online resource for USAID funded technical and program documentation, with over 141700 documents available for electronic download. Search USAID's online database of agency-funded technical and program-related documents to download USAID documents in PDF format for free.
System Scope: both
Main Customer: International Development Community

System Name: USAID Portfolio Map
System Description: The Portfolio Map is a mobile app for accessing information about the development work USAID is performing every day. The app will give mobile device users the ability to browse our portfolio for a subset of the countries in which USAID is working. The app will provide general country overviews at a glance and also will allow users to access more detailed information as needed. Mobile-Apps
System Scope: both
Main Customer: International Development Community

4.2. Establish an agency-wide governance structure for developing and delivering digital services

Overall Status: In-Progress
Paragraph on Governance: The vision for IM is information anywhere, anytime, on any device. Information should be readily available and accessible anywhere in the world where the Agency operates. Information should be capable to be displayed on any device – mobile, tablet, PDA, desktop, etc. The architecture of our systems should be conformed to interoperability and openness and overall we will operationalize an information-centric model. This effort will assist USAID’s commitment to the President’s Open Government Initiative of upholding the values of transparency, participation and collaboration in terms of international assistance related information. In addition, the IMS aligns with the Digital Government Strategy through providing information and services anywhere, anytime, on any device. Appendix B illustrates the alignment between the IMS, USAID IT Strategic Plan, Digital Government Strategy, and Open Government Plan.
URL to Governance Document: Currently an internal document while the governance structure is being finalized.

5.2. Develop an enterprise-wide inventory of mobile devices and wireless service contracts

Overall Status: Completed

5.2.1. Develop wireless and mobile inventory

Bureau/Component: USAID/M/CIO
Inventory Status: Completed

8.2. Implement performance and customer satisfaction measuring tools on all .gov websites

Overall Status: In-Progress

8.2.1. Implement performance measurement tool

Implemented Digital Analytics Program: Yes
Percent of websites covered: 100%
URL of performance data:

8.2.2. Implement customer satisfaction tool

Describe Implementation: Standardize through the implementation of Google Analytics and customer comment feedback via website and social media.
URL of performance data


End of Mid-Point Progress Report

1.2. Ensure all new IT systems follow the open data, content, and web API policy and operationalize pages

Overall Status

1.2.1. Document policy for architecting new IT systems for openness by default

URL of policy
Describe policy

1.2.2. Operationalize /developer page

URL of page

2.2. Make high-value data and content in at least two existing, major customer-facing systems available through web APIs, apply metadata tagging and publish a plan to transition additional high-value systems

Overall StatusIn-Progress

2.2.1. Make 2+ systems (datasets) available via web APIs with metadata tags

2.2.2. Publish plan on future activity

5.3. Evaluate the government-wide contract vehicles in the alternatives analysis for all new mobile-related procurements

Overall Status
Paragraph on policy

6.3. Ensure all new digital services follow digital services and customer experience improvement guidelines

Overall Status
Paragraph on policy

7.2. Optimize at least two existing priority customer-facing services for mobile use and publish a plan for improving additional existing services

Overall Status
URL of plan

7.2.1. Report on services

Last updated: December 04, 2012

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