USAID's Digital Strategy charts an Agency-wide approach to development in a rapidly evolving digital age and seeks to achieve and sustain open, secure, and inclusive digital ecosystems that contribute to broad-based, measurable development and humanitarian assistance outcomes. The Digital Ecosystem Fund (DEF), one of 17 initiatives under the Digital Strategy, equips the Agency’s operating units with catalytic resources to design and implement activities that harness emerging opportunities or support strategic initiatives to strengthen or improve digital ecosystems.

The Digital Ecosystem Fund is flexible by design, enabling it to support Mission-proposed activities that reflect local circumstances and needs regardless of sector. Through two funding rounds to date, the DEF has supported 15 activities across a total of 14 Missions in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe and Eurasia.
In September 2021, USAID selected nine Missions to receive funding. This round focused on Missions that have a Digital Development Advisor or have completed (or are completing) a Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment.