The north star of the Asia Open RAN Academy is to support the industry-led open RAN ecosystem in the Indo-Pacific, driven by lower deployment costs and greater flexibility enabled by open network architectures. Achieving this will require the development and implementation of a curriculum designed for university students and practicing engineers. The benefits of open RAN include innovative models and unlocking revenue opportunities. However, maximizing the benefits of open RAN requires capacity building and a supportive environment.

The universities and training institutions that make up the Asia Open RAN Academy will benefit by being part of a learning community with access to industry experts, research, and community laboratories. In addition, by developing their capacity, these institutions will (a) graduate job-ready students and (b) contribute to workforce development that will drive reskilling and up-skilling for new high-paying, highly skilled jobs across the telecommunications ecosystem. Likewise, industry partners can re-skill and up-skill their workforce and help build capacity.

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