Education Fact Sheet

USAID’s education activities support the Ministry of Education as well as three other Ministries to increase access, equity, retention, and also improve the quality and relevance of education for Congolese youth.  This work is achieved by working with local civil society organizations, the private sector, and both formal and non-formal education centers. All education activities integrate gender and empowerment activities as a matter of course.


Implements a primary education initiative in collaboration with DFID to improve equitable access to education and learning outcomes for girls and boys in the DRC. This contract supports education service delivery in at least 26 education sub-provinces (out of 151) across 8 target provinces (Haut -Katanga, Lualaba, Kasai Central, Kasaï Oriental, Equateur, Sud-Ubangi, Nord-Kivu and Sud-Kivu).

There are four separate activities: 

  • Equitable Access & Learning (Accelere! I) - Chemonics International - May 2015 - May 27, 2020; $133,999,430

  • Governance & Accountability (Accelere! II)  - Cambridge Education - August 10, 2015 - August 9, 2020; $24,000,000

  • Monitoring & Evaluation (Accelere! III) - IBTCI - January 13, 2016 - January 12, 2021; $24,743,698.00

  • Reducing the Number of Out-of-School Children  (Accelere! IV) - United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) - May 8, 2018 - Sept 30, 2021; $50,000,000

Harmonizes donor collaboration to provide the recipient with the ability to rapidly deploy emergency educational programming interventions to address humanitarian crises in the DRC. While USAID may make additional contributions through the period of September 2021, the initial program contribution will address urgent education in emergency needs resulting from armed conflict in the Kasai Central and Kasai Oriental provinces.

Teacher Resource Center - Enabel (Belgian Development Agency) - June 1, 2015 - January 1, 2020; $500,000

Constructing a teacher resource center in Mbuji-Mayi to help advance teacher professional development and improve the quality of education.

Integrated Youth Development Activity - Education Development Center - Apr 1, 2018 - Apr 1, 2021; $22,150,000

Provides eastern DRC’s vulnerable youth with learning pathways and inclusive economic opportunities. Through a network of services – including psychosocial support and referral services, work-based learning and job placement services – the ultimate goal is to increase youth resilience to conflict and violence.  

Last updated: September 03, 2019

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