Since the early 1990s, USAID has promoted political freedom as an integral part of development. Released in June 2013, USAID's Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG) Strategy highlights the centrality of participation and accountability to the achievement of human rights and democratic governance. It also recognizes that support for democracy, human rights, and governance is vital to the pursuit of freedom and national security and is essential to achieve USAID’s and the U.S. Government’s broader social and economic development goals.

Strategic Focus

USAID’s DRG Strategy aims to support the establishment and consolidation of inclusive and accountable democracies to advance freedom, dignity, and development. To achieve this goal, the Strategy sets four strategic objectives:

  1. Promote participatory, representative, and inclusive political processes and government institutions.
  2. Foster greater accountability of institutions and leaders to citizens and to the law.
  3. Protect and promote universally recognized human rights.
  4. Improve development outcomes through the integration of DRG principles and practices across USAID’s development portfolio. 


Sector Overview