No Lost Generation

No Lost Generation - Syrian children development center

For five years, the #ChildrenOfSyria have experienced the trauma of war. They have had their lives upended, often losing their homes, family members, and friends. 

  • More than 7 million children are affected by this crisis. That’s as if children from the 45 largest school districts in the United States had been affected by violence, hunger, or disease.
  • Of those, more than 2 million have been foced to flee the country. Neighboring nations that are generously hosting refugees are struggling to absorb the influx of refugees, often causing a direct impact on their youngest citizens.
  • Nearly 2.7 million Syrian children are out of school–most for several years—and growing increasingly vulnerable with each classroom destroyed.

Syria and the region cannot afford to lose a generation of children to hopelessness, especially when it is children who can help drive forward a future of peace. This is why the United States government supports the No Lost Generation initiative.

No Lost Generation brings together governments, the United Nations, and international and non-governmental organizations to address the immediate and long-term impacts of the Syria crisis on a generation of children and youth in Syria and the Near East region.

It aims to expand access to education and provide psychosocial support to the region's children, strengthen protection for children, boost social cohesion and promote peacebuilding to restore hope to millions of Syrian children whose future is slipping away. The U.S. government is supporting the No Lost Generation Initiative with programming in all these sectors.

Anyone can be a part of the movement by following and sharing #ChildrenOfSyria on Twitter. Join us to champion #ChildrenOfSyria and be a part of the movement to help save a generation of Syria’s children.

Last updated: September 03, 2015

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