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USAID is providing humanitarian aid to more than 5 million Syrians each month.
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Key Developments

From November 24–25, Syrian Arab Republic Government (SARG) and Government of the Russian Federation (GoRF) airstrikes targeted armed opposition group (AOG)-held areas west and south of Aleppo city, marking the first aerial bombardment in northwestern Syria since the establishment of a de-militarized zone by the Government of Turkey and GoRF in mid-September, according to international media. The airstrikes were reportedly in retaliation for an alleged AOG chemical attack on SARG-controlled areas in Aleppo city on November 24; as of early December, the UN had not confirmed the use of chemical weapons.

Nearly 153,000 people returned to areas of origin in northeastern Syria’s Ar Raqqah city from October 2017–October 2018 despite extensive infrastructure damage, explosive remnant of war contamination, and limited availability of services. As of late October, approximately 23,400 internally displaced persons remained at four displacement sites in Dayr az Zawr, Al Hasakah, and Ar Raqqah governorates, the UN reports.

In October, the UN recorded three attacks against health facilities, including two attacks in Aleppo Governorate and one attack in Dayr az Zawr; the incidents did not result in any civilian casualties, the UN reports. The UN recorded nearly 140 attacks impacting health care facilities across Syria from January–October, according to the UN.

Between November 2013 and June 2018, the UN recorded more than 7,000 conflictrelated child casualties and verified more than 12,500 grave violations against children, including abduction, sexual violence, and denial of humanitarian assistance.


The Syrian conflict is the largest and most complex humanitarian crisis of our time, driving record levels of displacement. Nearly 12 million people are displaced within Syria or have fled to neighboring countries. Approximately 60% of the current population—or 11.7 million people—are in need of humanitarian aid. The emergence of ISIS exacerbated the protracted crisis, where the Assad regime has waged an unrelenting campaign of bloodshed and violence against its own people for more than eight years.

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Last updated: November 15, 2019

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