Vaccines are one of the most effective tools we have to stop COVID-19 and get the global economy on track. USAID is helping vaccinate as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, to end the pandemic, save lives around the world, and stop the threat of new variants.

Vaccine donations from America are free. We’re not selling them. There are no demands, no conditions, no coercion attached. And there is no favoritism and no strings attached. We’re doing this to save lives and to end this pandemic. —President Joe Biden

The U.S. Government has already delivered more than 430 million vaccines to over 100 countries to date—more doses than all other countries combined—and will continue to ship hundreds of millions more.

Vaccines have always been an important part of USAID’s work to save lives and protect people most vulnerable to disease. For more than 60 years we have invested in the technology and science to develop new vaccines, built supply chain systems to get vaccines where they need to go, and helped get shots in arms safely for people all over the world.

Our fate is connected to the fate of people who are receiving these vaccines. It's in all of our interests to bring this pandemic to a close much sooner, because of the risk of variants. — Administrator Samantha Power

The United States is leading the world in donating COVID-19 vaccines. The United States has shared more doses than all other countries combined and is the leading funder of the global vaccine initiative, COVAX. The United States has also committed more than $1.7 billion in funding to help get shots into arms around the world. USAID is partnering with countries to strengthen their vaccination programs—including setting up vaccination sites, training health workers to administer vaccines, identifying priority at-risk populations, fighting vaccine misinformation, and more.

Vaccines are the most effective tool we have to stop COVID-19 and get the global economy on track. — USAID COVID-19 Task Force Director Jeremy Konyndyk

The United States is donating 1 billion Pfizer vaccines to countries in need around the world. Millions have already shipped and deliveries continue to ramp up. USAID is playing a critical role in ensuring countries are ready to receive vaccines and get shots into arms.

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