Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control Holds First Quality Conference

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
USAID Press Office

Baghdad - Iraqi Deputy Minister of Industry Muhammed Abdullah and USAID/Iraq Mission Director Chris Crowley joined officials from the Government of Iraq (GoI) and representatives from Iraqi universities and the private sector at a conference Oct. 13 that focused on ways to enhance awareness of quality management concepts, services and products and to illustrate their role in Iraq's national development.

The Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) organized the conference and is responsible for setting standards for all economic sectors, testing procedures and quality control/assurance certification programs.

"Now is the time for us to implement Iraqi standards to safeguard the Iraqi consumers," said Abdullah. "Without COSQC we are exposing our country to unnecessary risks."

Iraqi consumers have been suffering from low quality products, commodities and household appliances since neither goods manufactured in Iraq nor those imported from abroad are subject to quality control standards. The awareness and application of quality assurance and quality control techniques in the production, the distribution and the importation of products is necessary to safeguard the public against the hazards of spoiled food and faulty appliances.

The conference was an opportunity to review the various ministries' work in quality management and for COSQC to create public awareness of their responsibilities and contributions to product safety and consumer protection.

"The successful organization of this important conference establishes COSQC as the main promoter of Quality Management in Iraq's productive and service sectors," said Crowley.

Quality control experts from USAID's Tatweer National Capacity Development program provide COSQC's dedicated scientists and engineers with training and technical assistance. These scientists and engineers conduct testing and inspection on a regular basis and publish results in a monthly newsletter.

COSQC intends to select one or more reputable and qualified Iraqi organizations to conduct thorough pre-inspections of imported products and commodities and certify their safety and quality for importation into Iraq.

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