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School Feeding Response Activity (SFRA) supports the Government of Colombia’s (GOC) efforts to provide nutritious food to children in municipalities impacted by Venezuelan migration.  This includes Venezuelan migrant children, the children of Colombian citizens that were residing in Venezuelan and have now returned to Colombia, and children living in those municipalities receiving migrants.  This Activity also strengthens Colombia’s national school feeding program through the development of new methodologies and strategies that will be piloted and transferred to the GOC. SFRA is being implemented in Barranquilla (Atlántico), Cucuta (Norte de Santander), Riohacha (La Guajira) and Santa Marta (Magdalena) and runs from August 2018 - November 2021.



SFRA provides school meals to vulnerable youth including Venezuelan migrants, Colombian returnees and indigenous children enrolled in targeted public schools.  The Activity supports an integrated model which includes transporting food to schools, preparing meals on site, and promoting food security within targeted communities and educational centers.


SFRA supports the development of a comprehensive education policy to increase meal coverage and quality, and monitor program results. This includes designing models that account for cultural differences, integrating locally produced foods, and reducing food service costs.


SFRA combats discrimination, xenophobia and exploitation of migrant children through sensitization campaigns and the inclusion of local communities in coexistence activities.


Aided 9,492 migrant students in 63 schools;

  • Increased youth school enrollment and attendance;
  • Served an average of 186,960 school meals monthly;
  • Provided technical assistance to the GOC to encourage the development of an inclusive school meal policy; 
  • Worked with school meal providers to improve program transparency and better monitor implementation; 
  • Developed campaigns, school events and community-level activities to promote awareness and community integration; and
  • Evaluated school compliance with the Ministry of Education’s school feeding regulation to make recommendations and monitor activity progress.
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Felipe Sabogal

E-mail: felipe.sabogal@wfp.org

Last updated: August 27, 2021

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