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Bitter Cassava for a Sweet Milk strengthens licit economies by improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized farms in conflict-affected regions in Antioquia, Cesar, Córdoba and Sucre. Bitter Cassava is implemented through a public-private partnership between USAID, Colanta, the Colanta Savings and Loan Cooperative, the Northern Catholic University Foundation, Clayuca Corporation, and the Nudo de Paramillo regional network.  Together these organizations are contributing USD $41.7 million, USD $5.3 million of which was contributed by USAID directly and USD $36.4 million of which was contributed by the private sector. This activity runs from February 2019-Janurary 2024.



Bitter Cassava for a Sweet Milk encourages the planting of cassava crops as a new licit activity for small-scale farmers in conflict-affected areas. The activity also increases the likelihood of cassava crop success by helping farmers improve their seed quality, infrastructure, and equipment repositories. Cassava produced is used as nutritious feed for dairy cattle.


Bitter Cassava for a Sweet Milk reduces milk production costs and improves milk quality through trainings and technical assistance to small and medium-sized dairy producers. It also supports best farm management practices, including a young farmers program, to increase the volume and quality of the milk produced.


  • Increased cassava crop productivity by 83 percent; 
  • Distributed USD $4.8 million in loans to milk and cassava farmers;
  • Helped cassava producers commercialize 2.689 tons of dry cassava;
  • Engaged 851 rural farm households in cassava planting and 5,842 rural farm households in milk production; and
  • Installed 713 units of technological infrastructure, like cooling tanks and milking equipment, needed for milk production.


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Last updated: August 25, 2021

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