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USAID supports the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights’ (OHCHR) efforts to build peace and protect human rights in Colombia. OHCHR operates nationwide and support from USAID runs from June 2020 – October 2022.


Monitoring human rights 

USAID support to OHCHR helps monitor and analyze the human rights situation in Colombia and provide evidence-based advice to Government of Colombia (GOC). This advice helps the GOC adjust its human rights policies and respond to violations effectively.

Supporting prioritized communities 

USAID support to OHCHR helps identify, monitor and address the human rights needs of those affected by the conflict.  Targeted focus is given to vulnerable populations like Afro-Colombians, indigenous, LGBT, and women. 

Promoting social dialogue 

USAID support to OHCHR promotes dialogue between citizens, government institutions and the private sector. OHCHR serves as human rights mediator in the context of civil unrest and protests.

Providing technical assistance 

USAID support to OHCHR facilitates Peace Agreement implementation by monitoring human rights commitment compliance; providing technical assistance to communities; and offering recommendations to the GOC. OHCHR also helps the GOC use investigation methodologies to identify and persecute human rights violations, and engages civil, public and private actors in decision making processes. 


  • OHCHR will support the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) to prioritize and advance court cases involving homicides of, and threats against, social leaders and human rights defenders;
  • OHCHR will assist the GOC and civil society actors in the design and implementation of strategies for improved protection of communities and human rights defenders;
  • OHCHR will help the GOC and private sector actors to incorporate human rights standards into business and public policies; and
  • OHCHR will promote dialogue between civil society, ethnic communities, government institutions and the private sector to advance the respect of human rights.

Last updated: February 11, 2022

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