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Safe Steps promotes Antipersonnel Mines Risk Education (ERM) through information and communication technologies. This activity is implemented through a public-private partnership between USAID, the Antonio Restrepo Barco Foundation, Discovery and Computadores para Educar.  Together these organizations are contributing USD $5.8 million, USD $1.7 million of which was contributed by USAID directly and USD $4.1 million of which was contributed by the private sector. Safe Steps is being implemented in 44 municipalities affected by antipersonnel mines accidents and runs from January 2019-January 2024. 



Safe Steps raises awareness about the risk of antipersonnel mines in Colombia, including the characteristics of these artefacts and risk zones.  Safe Steps particularly focuses on educating children.


Safe Steps encourages local authorities to identify antipersonnel mine risks in their community and to address these risks through coordinated actions.


Safe Steps strengthens community capacities to understand the danger associated with antipersonnel mines and to respond appropriately in the presence of an explosive artefact or possible accident.


  • Developed education materials about the history of mines and their associated risks; 
  • Trained 106 community leaders in 11 municipalities on the promotion of safe behaviors;
  • Engaged over 1.3 million people though accident prevention messages on local radio stations;
  • Reached over 6,600 people with messages about safe behavior through text and pre-recorded messages;
  • Provided 30 hours of training to 78 teachers through a virtual course on Antipersonnel Mines Risk Education;
  • Organized six public policy advocacy workshops to promote the inclusion of civil society mine training in local planning instruments; 
  • Produced a television program for children called “"Lalo y Lulú dan Pasos Seguros" promoting safe behavior by children with 36,000,000 views on social networks; and
  • Encouraged 38 municipal and six departmental government actors to commit to include Comprehensive Action against Antipersonnel Mine Risk (AICMA) in their local management plans.
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Last updated: October 05, 2021

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