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The Responsive Governance (RG) activity enhances good governance, public financial management, and effective service delivery in conflict-affected municipalities. To increase citizen trust in the Government of Colombia (GOC), RG strengthens Colombian public officials and institutions’ capacity to effectively plan, finance, and deliver vital public services, like health and education. RG also empowers citizens to participate in their communities and promote government accountability and responsiveness to citizen interests. RG is implemented in 27 municipalities and it runs from October 2020 to October 2024.    



RG strengthens national-level GOC policies, systems, mechanisms, and institutions to improve public service delivery in targeted municipalities.


RG strengthens municipal public financial management systems to comply with national standards, increase revenue performance, and advance peace implementation in targeted municipalities.


RG promotes civil society, media, academia, and the private sector’s engagement in local governance processes and peace implementation.


RG enhances oversight institutions’ capacity to monitor public resources in the health, education, and infrastructure sectors. RG works with the Controller General’s Office, the Inspector General’s Office, Local Controllers, the Attorney General’s Office, and Personerías.


RG uses a rapid response component to adapt to the changing context. To this end, RG works closely with its regional offices and local strategic partners to identify context-specific emerging dynamics, opportunities, and challenges.  


  • Helped rural public schools apply for funding to improve their infrastructure;
  • Supported 11 consulting sessions between local governments and communities to prioritize investment projects;
  • Assisted 27 municipal governments in understanding and accessing royalties funds needed for local investment and improved service provision;
  • Collaborated with national oversight entities to develop an action plan for more responsive governance across Colombia’s public institutions; 
  • Encouraged government educational service providers to incorporate cultural considerations into their curriculums in ethnic minority regions like Narino;
  • Initiated dialogues with local civil society organizations and Territorial Peace Councils to implement Development Plans with Territorial Focus (PDET) action plans; and
  • Mapped key actors and collaborative spaces to strengthen organizational relationships for improved service delivery and peace implementation in critical geographic zones.
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Last updated: October 05, 2021

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