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The Partnerships for Reconciliation Activity (PAR) fosters economic and social opportunities for Colombian citizens and Venezuelan migrants through public and private sector alliances.  PAR promotes reconciliation by closing the gap between the State and citizens, supporting licit economic development and educating citizens about their role in peacebuilding processes.  PAR also believes trust, respect, dialogue and empowerment are the four key pillars needed for reconciliation.  PAR works in cities impacted by Venezuelan migration and violence in Antioquia, Arauca, Bolivar, Caquetá, Chocó, Guajira, Magdalena, Meta, Norte de Santander, Tolima, and Valle del Cauca.  PAR runs from May 2016 – November 2021. 


Establishing Strategic alliances

PAR uses public-private partnerships to foster social, economic and cultural opportunities. PAR’s private sector partners include Semana Rural, ANDI Foundation and Colombian Reconciliation Corporation. 


PAR encourages truth telling and memory efforts that enable Colombians to address their past and rebuild their lives.  PAR partners with the Colombian Truth Commission and the Center for Historical Memory to safeguard historical memory, preserve the truth and help ensure non-repetition of violence. 


PAR uses stakeholder-driven campaigns to increase public awareness of critical issues for reconciliation like mistrust, xenophobia, and discrimination. 


PAR encourages individuals to act as change agents in their communities by strengthening their socio-emotional skills and by empowering them to actively participate in their community’s transformation.  PAR also promotes the creation of inclusive environments that are free of violence and discrimination.


PAR promotes community cohesion and integration by engaging Venezuelan migrants in all its social, economic and cultural programmatic efforts.


  • Engaged 19,307 young people in reconciliation initiatives;
  • Established 671 transformational alliances with public and private sector actors;
  • Implemented 263 reconciliation and/or truth telling initiatives in 27 municipalities;
  • Supported over 1,230 awareness-raising and mobilization actions through partnerships; 
  • Leveraged USD $22.9 million and mobilized USD $15.5 million for reconciliation efforts from private and public actors;
  • Engaged over 4,000 migrants and Colombian returnees in employment, entrepreneurship, and social inclusion initiatives; and
  • Trained over 200 journalists in inclusive journalism to promote the social integration of migrants and Colombian returnees into Colombian society.
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Last updated: October 05, 2021

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