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The Inter-Ethnic Alliance for Peace Activity strengthens Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities’ advocacy, self-governance, organizational and leadership capacities.  The activity also improves food security, supports income generation activities, and promotes regional peacebuilding in alignment with the Peace Accord’s Ethnic Chapter.  The activity is implemented by two of the most relevant Indigenous and Afro-descendant organizations in Colombia, the National Association of Displaced Afro-Colombians (AFRODES) and the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC).  The Inter-Ethnic Alliance for Peace Activity is implemented in Cesar, Chocó and La Guajira, and it runs from January 2021 to December 2023.



The Inter-Ethnic Alliance for Peace Activity strengthens Indigenous and Afro-descendant community organizations’ leadership capacities and self-government structures.  The activity supports the creation and implementation of these communities’ development plans, and promotes access to, and good management of, public and private sector financial resources.  The activity also improves community capacities to: 1) preserve traditional knowledge as an intangible and cultural asset; and 2) promote women and youth leadership and participation in public spaces.


The Inter-Ethnic Alliance for Peace Activity improves food security and supports income generation initiatives in Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities.  The activity uses best practices and traditional knowledge, like food exchange events, to improve food security and agriculture production. The activity also promotes public-private partnerships to improve production and value chain commercialization through technical assistance, commercialization plans and marketing and communication strategies.


  • Help design a support fund to promote community-led economic activities;
  • Develop a marketing and communication strategy to position the indigenous brand Semillas Nativas in the market; 
  • Support 600 families from Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities through food security and income generation activities;
  • Train 100 Indigenous community members on Decree 1953/2014 about how to certify indigenous resguardos and access public funding;
  • Support five communications campaigns promoting generational renewal, women and youth leadership, and peaceful conflict resolution and reconciliation; and
  • Train 500 Indigenous and Afro-Colombian community members on advocacy, leadership, public management, and organizational and administrative tools to foster these individuals’ ability to defend their rights.


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Jazmín Pilar Ávila


Last updated: October 05, 2021

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