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Cacao Connects works with cacao-producing communities to build trust, inclusion, and shared norms needed to improve local governance and foster economic development.  The activity’s main objective is to enhance women and youth engagement, and it supports initiatives that strengthen women and youth’s capacity to act as local change agents and community leaders.  This activity is implemented through a Global-Development Alliance (GDA) with Microsoft, Ideas for Peace Foundation (FIP), and the Compañia Nacional de Chocolates (CNCH).  Cacao Connects is implemented in Apartadó, Dabeiba, Necoclí, and Turbo (Antioquia), and it runs from May 2019 to May 2024.



Cacao Connects supports cacao production and commercialization strategies, and it strengthens trust, governance, and inclusion within cacao-producing associations.  The activity places special focus on women and youth engagement in these associations, improves women and youth access to productive resources, and encourages women and youth involvement throughout the cacao value chain.


Cacao Connects strengthens local community organizations’ capacities to engage with public and private sector actors and to participate in regional decision-making processes.  This includes enabling and empowering women and youth to act as change agents and leaders in their communities, and to promote gender equality in cacao associations and communities.

Promoting REGIONAL coordination

Cacao Connects works with local government institutions to develop and implement inclusive public policies and management plans. The activity coordinates with the municipal planning councils, municipal development councils, social and economic policy councils, and other decision-making arenas to achieve this objective.

EXPECTED results

  • Increase women and youth engagement in public spaces and decision making;
  • Improve digital connectivity and the use of technological tools to foster community participation and transparency;
  • Strengthen the business, operational and administrative capacities of cacao-producing associations and community organizations; and
  • Promote coordination between public officials, community members, and cacao-producing associations to enhance coexistence and strengthen local economic development.
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Juliana Naranjo


Last updated: August 25, 2021

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