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Activa Buenaventura strengthens public management and democracy in the port municipality of Buenaventura.  It encourages citizen participation in public affairs, helps institutions respond to citizen requests, and generates citizen confidence public institutions and decision making. Activa Buenaventura is implemented through a public-private partnership between USAID, Extituto de Política Abierta, Corona Foundation, Ford Foundation, Gases de Occidente, International Republican Institute, Movilizatorio, ProPacífico, Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura and Carvajal Foundation. Together these organizations are contributing USD $6.9 million, USD $ 3.4 million of which was contributed by USAID directly and USD $3.8 million of which was contributed by the private sector. This activity runs from February 2019-January 2024.



Activa Buenaventura strengthens citizens’ individual and collective leaderships skills.  It provides methodological and practical tool training to community-based organization (CBO) leaders and encourages CBOs to share information and co-develop solutions to the problems they encounter. 


Activa Buenaventura encourages citizen participation in public decision making. It engages community leaders in accountability and transparency processes through Cómo Vamos, a program that monitors and evaluates citizen quality of life in the region.  The activity also helps citizens learn about and use a civic mapping platform to formally report community problems to the relevant authorities. 


Activa Buenaventura promotes open government through organized dialogue between citizens, public institutions and private actors. The activity uses the Digital Democracy Platform through which citizens can vote for solutions to the problems they face.  


  • Trained 65 youth in social and leadership skills;
  • Engaged 76 social leaders and local decision-makers in advocacy processes;
  • Encouraged the participation of 67 civil society organizations in advocacy interventions;
  • Improved seven community-based organizations’ capacities to manage collective actions;
  • Helped seven community-promoted advocacy spaces receive effective institutional responses;
  • Strengthened 59 social leaders’ capacities to identify and represent their community’s collective interests;
  • Enabled citizens to report 462 civic issues related to COVID-19, education, infrastructure, and gender-based violence; 
  • Assisted Buenaventura in meeting its Open Government commitments by providing technical assistance to critical district secretariats;
  • Implemented three digital advocacy platforms: the Deliberatura Platform, the Marea Digital Civic Platform, and the Buenaventura Cómo Vamos Program; and
  • Created an opportunity for citizen feedback by facilitating 4989 downloads of Buenaventura’s Citizen Perception Survey, a tool that measures 84 subjective indicators on the citizens’ quality of life in the municipality.
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Last updated: October 05, 2021

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