Center for Innovation and Impact (CII)

  • Working in partnership across USAID’s Global Health Bureau and Missions, CII aims to maximize global health impact through new ideas, initiatives, and connections across our efforts

  • CII is engaging luminaries in the field to identify state of the art practices in innovation, introduction and scale-up.

  • USAID's CII strives to create new and better ways of doing business and generate impact by harnessing the power of previously untapped innovative minds worldwide.

  • CII designs and implements accelerated introduction plans for priority products and interventions; supports rapid deployment and adoption in target regions; and evaluates and develops innovative financing mechanisms.

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USAID’s Center for Innovation and Impact (CII) incubates new ideas, puts them into practice, and scales effective approaches through partnership and institutional change. Our expertise in innovation, market-based solutions, and digital health helps us accelerate impact against critical health issues.

The Center – which resides in the Global Health Bureau – invests seed capital in the most promising ideas and applies a rigorous, market-oriented approach to cut the time it takes to transform discoveries in the lab to impact on the ground.

What we do:

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Incubate New Ideas:
We anticipate needs, design cutting edge initiatives, and publish thought pieces and global goods that draw on experiences from the private sector and domains beyond health to explore how transformative ideas can be applied to global health goals.

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Put Ideas Into Practice
We move from theory to action, piloting projects, launching initiatives, and demonstrating use cases. Learning with intention, we collect and share our insights with the global health community to inform program planning and investments.

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Scale Effective Approaches
We embed proven approaches into health programs, shape policy guidance, invest in systems change, and train stakeholders so they can integrate these practices into their work.


CII partnered with teams across USAID and with external partners to better understand the complex relationship between climate and health and the potential role of artificial intelligence/advanced analytics (AI/AA). AI/AA can improve our understanding to describe complex, evolving, and often non-obvious relationships between climate and health factors; predict scenarios over different time horizons; and recommend interventions with trade-offs to optimize resulting health outcomes. As global attention increasingly focuses on data, climate, and health topics, CII is identifying potential action pathways that encourage investing in enablers for data, capabilities, and ecosystem conditions as well as acting on specific climate-sensitive health risks. View Finding the Signal Report.



Introduction and Scale (IDEA to IMPACT Series)


Market Shaping and Innovative Financing


Emerging Technologies


Human-centered Design


Digital Health


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Last updated: November 08, 2022

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