U.S. Ambassador's Special Self-Help Program signing ceremony

U.S. Ambassador congratulates an awardee
Ambassador Boulware congratulates Choukou El Hadj Mahamat from the community radio station in Mao for the SSH grant which will provide it with a borehole water well and equipment.
Ali Kardas/U.S. Embassy N'Djamena

Grants awarded to six village associations for community development activities

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A signing ceremony was held on July 19, 2013 at the United States Embassy in N'Djamena during which grants were awarded to six village associations in support of community development activities.  The grants totaled $50,000 (cfa 25 million) in support of the following activities:

1.       Capacity strengthening for a community radio station in Mao (Kanem Region) with funding to provide a water well and equipment ;

2.       Sewing macines for a women's group to provide skills training in Melfi (Guera Region) ;

3.       Production and planting of fruit trees in canton Balimba near Sarh (Moyen Chari Region);

4.       Irrigated vegetable gardening in the oasis village of Yarda (Borkou Region);

5.       Improved access to clean water for human consumption in several Mobou villages (East Tandjile Department) ; and,

6.       Food processing with the purchase and installation of a grinding mill in the village of Goulmoune (East Mayo-Kebbi Region).

Funding for these projects comes from an annual budget allowance that allows the United States Embassy to encourage self-help initiatives at the community level.  These grassroots initiatives include a significant local in-kind or cash contribution which the Embassy complements with Self-Help program funds.

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