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March 4, 2024, Almaty, Kazakhstan - The Association of Business Coaches announces the launch of the TalpynUp Mentorship Program for women entrepreneurs in Central Asia. The regional project was created with support from USAID’s Future Growth Initiative and in partnership with Imperial College London. 

During the press event, Aigerim Tarbagatayeva, who heads the Association of Business Coaches, emphasized that there will be significant changes in the global labor market in the next four years, stating that “About 75 million jobs are at risk of disappearing due to artificial intelligence, and this will primarily affect women, as women are primarily employed in social business sectors or salaried administrative work. That is why it is important today to develop the skills of the future, and for businesswomen to undergo transformation. Healthy competition and successful business development require knowledge and skills in line with market demands, digitalization, and the needs of a new generation of consumers.” Mentorship programs like TalpynUp play an essential role in building critical skills and networks among women entrepreneurs.

Today's event marked the program's initial launch in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. In Kazakhstan, the previous iteration of the mentorship program has already benefited 190 women. According to statistics, women constitute around one-third of all entrepreneurs in Central Asia's small and medium-sized businesses.

The TalpynUp Program is set to commence its training sessions on April 20 in the three Central Asian countries. The program offers 30 grant-funded slots each to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, while Kazakhstan has 120 grant-funded slots available. This professional development program is open to women who have owned their businesses for one to three years and are mothers, mothers of children with special developmental needs, or women under 29 years of age. The program is available free of cost.      

TalpynUp is an intensive six-module online training program that offers individual training, mentorship, and practical sessions with business coaches and experts. Participants learn about sales skills, taxes and finances, HR management, etc.


The Association of Business Coaches has over five years of experience supporting human capital development and strengthening Kazakhstan’s business environment through consulting and short-term educational and training services. Additional information can be found here:

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