Remarks by Dr. John M. Eyres, Director, Office of Public Health and Education, USAID/Cambodia, Cambodian Hospital Accreditation Standards and Accreditation Coordinators Certificate Ceremony

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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  • H.E. Professor Yit Sunnara, Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Health and Chairman of the Quality Improvement Working Group
  • Dr. Sok Srun, Director, Department of Hospital Services, Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Premprey Suos, Deputy Chief of Party, Enhancing Quality of Healthcare Activity
  • Dr. Ung Prahors, Social Health Protection Programme, Team Leader for Health Service Delivery
  • Accreditation Coordinators, distinguished guests and partners


Good afternoon. It is an honor to be with you to appreciate the international recognition of the Cambodian Hospital Accreditation Standards as well as Accreditation Coordinators from 20 volunteer hospitals and clinics.  We have much to be proud of about today!

Improving the quality of health services is one of the Ministry of Health’s most important goals. That goal will be achieved when all health service providers strive to meet people-centered standards and clients are satisfied with the services they receive. 

This year, the U.S. Embassy is proud to showcase the shared values that drive U.S. and Cambodian cooperation in a year-long campaign we are calling AmCam2021. During this quarter, we are focusing on Peace and Security. Our shared support to Cambodia’s healthcare system will help ensure Cambodia’s future remains bright, and that peace and security continue to guarantee continued economic growth and wellbeing for all its citizens. It is also why I am so proud of our support towards activities like the one that brings us together today.

USAID’s Enhancing Quality of Healthcare Activity – or EQHA – supports the Royal Government of Cambodia strengthen its health system so that it can achieve that goal. The project has an ambitious goal to empower leadership and healthcare providers in public and private sectors by improving the quality and safety of health services, strengthening regulatory and education systems, and improving preservice education.

EQHA has supported the Ministry to develop a Concept Note and Road Map to establish the Cambodian National Healthcare Accreditation System. These documents have guided our work with the Ministry, the Quality Assurance Office of the Department of Hospital Services, and GIZ to develop the Cambodian Hospital Accreditation Standards endorsed by the MOH in November 2020. These standards were submitted to the International Society for Quality in Healthcare on behalf of the Ministry in January 2021 and obtained international accreditation on June 15 this year. This is an incredible achievement for the Cambodian National Healthcare Accreditation System!

In the first quarter of this year, EQHA and GIZ supported the Quality Assurance Office to conduct an Accreditation Coordinator Certification Course for 43 healthcare providers from 13 public and 7 private facilities. Ten additional workshops – to be completed in September - for accreditation coordinators and managers in those facilities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the training shifted to virtual training at its midpoint, increasing the number of training days to 22.  Of the 43 health professionals who participated, 41 successfully completed the courses and met the criteria to become certified accreditation coordinators.

We know that Quality Improvement happens through a continuous process that requires strong commitment, partnership, and the active participation of all stakeholders. We recognize how much work has gone into what we are celebrating today and we are proud to be a part of this partnership.

I would like to congratulate all the Accreditation Coordinators who successfully met the criteria to become certified. I would also like to congratulate the Ministry of Health Quality Assurance Office who worked with EQHA to develop the standards and to be recognized internationally for its efforts. With all these achievements, we look forward to seeing the Cambodian healthcare system become even better and improve the lives of all Cambodians.  

Thank you!

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