The U.S. Government's COVID-19 Response in Cambodia

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The U.S. government's COVID-19 response in Cambodia

The U.S. Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), has provided more than $11 million to help Cambodia respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. These additional resources build upon existing support to the people of Cambodia, much of which has also been adapted to meet the emerging challenges of the pandemic.

COVID-19 assistance has helped Cambodia prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic outbreak. These resources have helped the country with risk communication, community engagement, infection prevention and control, case management, laboratory systems, and essential commodities.

USAID also addresses the immediate and secondary economic and social impacts of COVID-19 on the Cambodian people, particularly vulnerable children and families. USAID has been working to mitigate the impact of school closures on children's education during the pandemic through support for online learning and sharing educational material and information on social media and other platforms. USAID has also supported public and private sectors and civil society to integrate child safeguarding best practices into medical and social services to ensure that children are protected. Additionally, to improve economic livelihoods for Cambodians affected by the pandemic, USAID is expanding work with the private sector by creating market linkages in agriculture, ecotourism, and non-timber forest products.

USAID’s efforts reflect the United States’ long-standing partnership with the Cambodian people. Over the last three decades, USAID has invested more than $1.5 billion in Cambodia, including more than $400 million in assistance to address infant mortality, under-five mortality, maternal mortality, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, poor hygiene, poor nutrition, stunting, and to improve Cambodia’s ability to finance and manage logistics and information for its health system. USAID has helped strengthen Cambodia’s national health policies and systems, expand community outreach, and improve access to quality health services. USAID also assisted in the nationwide expansion of the Health Equity Fund, Cambodia’s social health protection scheme, which has allowed more than three million poor Cambodians to access health services free of charge.

For more than a half century, the United States has been the largest contributor to global health security and humanitarian assistance. Across the world, the U.S. Government is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak by supporting more than 120 affected countries by addressing critical needs of health care facilities, health care workers, and patients; strengthening laboratories and disease surveillance; improving infection prevention and control; increasing rapid-response capacity; and providing reliable information to the public. With a commitment of $4 billion, the United States is also the largest contributor to the COVAX Facility to support access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines worldwide. USAID is working with the State Department, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Defense, and others as part of an All-of-America COVID-19 response to support health systems, humanitarian assistance, and economic, security, and stabilization efforts worldwide.


  • The most effective way people can assist relief efforts is by making cash contributions to organizations that are conducting relief operations. USAID encourages cash donations because they allow aid professionals to procure the exact items needed; can be transferred quickly and without transportation costs; support the economy of the disaster-stricken region; and ensure culturally, dietarily, and environmentally appropriate assistance.
    • For more information and to donate, visit USAID’s Center for International Disaster Information:
  • USAID has established an inbox ( to coordinate private sector engagement around the COVID-19 response. In addition, the UN supports an initiative for businesses seeking to donate money, goods or services. Please visit for more information.
  • USAID can accept unsolicited applications and proposals. The Agency has set up a COVID-19 Concepts portal at:

Last updated: May 13, 2021

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