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Acceleration and Competitions Execution Support (ACES)

A&A Plan ID: AA-313962
Fiscal Year of Action: 2021
Last updated: 3/03/2021
Operating Unit: U.S. Global Development Lab (LAB)
Sector: U.S. Global Development Lab
A&A Specialist / POC: Deidre Jackson
Award Length: 5 years
Eligibility Criteria: TBD
Principal Geographic Code:
  • 937- Default Geographical Code
  • 935 - Worldwide (Including Cooperating Country)

Award/Action Type: Stand Alone Contract
Category Management Contract Vehicle: N/A
Solicitation Number: TBD
Small Business Set-Aside: TBD
Co-creation: Multi-Step Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Application (RFA)
Anticipated Solicitation Release Date:
Anticipated Award Date:
Total Estimated Cost/Amount Range:
$100M - $299.99M
The ACES mechanism would help USAID’s Missions, Bureaus, and Operating Units (OUs) to effectively implement innovative program design; Grand Challenges for Development, challenges, and prizes; and support the scaling of proven innovative solutions.

Last updated: July 26, 2021

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