OEG: Ukraine Economic Resilience Activity

Fiscal Year of Action: 2018
Last updated: 4/10/2018
Operating Unit: Ukraine
Sector: Economic Growth and Trade
A&A Specialist / POC: Parinova, Elena
Forecast Status Change: Combination of Changes
Award/Action Type: Contract
Solicitation Number: 72012118R00005
Small Business Set-Aside: N/A
Award Length: 5 years
Anticipated Solicitation Release Date:
Anticipated Award Date:
Total Estimated Cost/Amount Range:
$50M - $99.99M
The purpose is to increase stability in Eastern Ukraine by facilitating an economic transformation in the Donbas in which new businesses develop in industries with growing prospects; old businesses direct their energies toward new and growing markets; the small business community expands and diversifies and has an active roll in local policy formulation; citizens develop skills for the jobs of the future; and the economy of the Donbas is more closely integrated with the national economy of Ukraine.

Last updated: April 21, 2018

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