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RTU / FY22 -- SBC Research Award

A&A Plan ID: AA-312481
Fiscal Year of Action: 2022
Last updated: 7/14/2021
Operating Unit: Office of Population & Reproductive Health (GH/PRH)
Sector: Global Health
A&A Specialist / POC: Marcus Moon
Award Length: 5 years
Eligibility Criteria: TBD
Principal Geographic Code: 937- Default Geographical Code
Award/Action Type: Cooperative Agreement
Category Management Contract Vehicle: N/A
Solicitation Number: TBD
Small Business Set-Aside: N/A
Co-creation: Annual Program Statement (APS)
Anticipated Solicitation Release Date:
Anticipated Award Date:
Total Estimated Cost/Amount Range:
$25M - $49.99M
Social and Behavior Change Research (SBC) APS (with Round 1). The purpose of this APS is to strengthen the generation and utilization of evidence on social and behavior change programming that addresses agency of individuals and communities to improve the uptake and continuation of healthy behaviors, including family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH), maternal and child health (MCH), nutrition, and/or other outcomes. Agency is defined as the ability to define goals and to act on them. Fostering local capacity strengthening and community leadership are central to this APS. The award(s) length will be 5 years each.
Change Log
Date and Time Updates
07/13/2021 02:45 PM EST Changed Total Estimated Cost/Amount Range to 38000000 from 34000000
03/23/2021 04:18 PM EST Changed Anticipated Solicitation Release Date to 03/01/2021 from 02/26/2021
03/06/2021 10:27 AM EST Added Co-creation Annual Program Statement (APS)
Added Principal Geographic Code 937- Default Geographical Code

Last updated: September 18, 2021

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